One-Time SEO Programs Will Not Get You To Page One

Beware of companies offering “one time” SEO services.  Generally, this is going to describe a few different actions that they take on your website that are technically within the scope of search engine optimization but will probably not be nearly enough to get you first page rankings.  This type of program is generally designed to one of two purposes, either to get a little bit of extra money out of the client after you have designed the website, or as a way to upsell you other services.  One time SEO services are usually offered by web design companies were other digital marketing firms as a way to increase the amount of services that they offer, but many times these companies have little to no ability to actually perform search engine optimization that will make a difference.  This is because SEO in its modern form is quite different than SEO from 10 years ago, and unfortunately many people do not know the difference.  In the past, search engine optimization involved simple manipulations of the code on the website because search engines did not have the ability to understand what the content meant.  Search engine optimization 10 years ago with a simple process of tweaking title tags and descriptions on web pages as well as compressing photographs to make a page load faster.  Other than that, it would usually involve using certain phrases as many times as possible in the content on a page.  There are several other aspects involved, you get the general idea of SEO being specifically “on page.” This meant that once it was done, there was little they could be done to improve it.  Many companies offered to go through your website for the onetime fee and improve these aspects to gain higher rankings.  In the past, this was enough to get many web sites to the first page.

Today’s version of SEO involves content creation.  This means that areas of your website will have ongoing additions that will show your expertise and passion for a subject.  Search engines now can understand the content of a website instead of just looking for certain words to be used repeatedly.  They have evolved to the point of being a go-to to answer questions that potential customers might have about product and service.  This means that to rank in a high position, your website must effectively answer these questions that customers might have, as well as providing valuable information on the topic.  While all the one-time code manipulations are still necessary to gain higher rankings, they are not nearly enough on their own to get to the first page in most cases.  This is going to involve continually discussing the topics that you want to rank for on your website or talking about those topics on other websites that link back to yours.  This is the way that authority on a topic is created, and this is what Google now looks for to decide who ranks in a high position.  Unfortunately, the onetime corrections of title tags and descriptions, code and image compression are almost never enough to boost your website past competitors who are engaged in content creation.  For you to outrank them, you’re going to need to do both in almost every case.  Most good search engine optimization companies will perform both tasks, so paying company to do it one-time SEO improvement to your website is usually just a waste of money.

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