Online Marketing Las Vegas

Online Marketing Las Vegas

“Online marketing Las Vegas” or “Las Vegas online marketing company” is probably the type of phrase that you search for on Google in order to land on this website.  You were probably reading this article because you are a business owner who is interested in exploring online marketing as a method of securing new customers, and you are probably confused by all the promises that are being made by companies that specialize in digital marketing or advertising.  This is because it is not quite as simple as traditional marketing in many respects.  In the traditional marketing world, you hire a company to create a magazine ad or a billboard layout, and they charge you a certain amount of money for the time that it took create the layout.  They then charge you a certain amount of money to distribute that ad into whatever medium it has been designed for.  The monthly rent on a billboard is a certain amount of money.  The half page ad in a magazine is a certain amount of money based upon the subscriber ship of that magazine and the relevance to your particular business.  It is easy to understand, and ultimately easy to make choices on which marketing company to use just by looking at their portfolio.  Because Las Vegas is a thriving city with a lot of diverse businesses, we find that there are a lot of marketing companies in town can do this kind of work.

Online marketing companies are generally able to work in a virtual set up, which means that you might conduct all of your interaction with the company over the phone or through email.  While there is nothing wrong with this type of interaction as long as the work is able to get done effectively, it does give online companies the ability to make bigger promises of success without worrying about the ramifications of their potential failures.  With regards to companies that exist in the online world, since they have and ability to serve any business nationwide, they are not necessarily concerned about having a bad reputation in Las Vegas.  This gives them the ability to make big promises that are probably not going to be able to succeed, and when you finally cancel your contract they simply move on to the next client.  Online marketing companies will generally not have face to face interactions with business owners, nor will they attempt to solicit local customers for business because there are potential pitfalls with regards to be held responsible for what you say.  This probably makes you nervous, and it should.

Big Bulldog SEO is an online marketing company in Las Vegas that functions more like a traditional advertising agency in that we try to meet clients in person and discuss the projects face to face.  While this is not necessarily going to be something that all clients need, we find that it will give us the ability to have a better understanding of the project, and also get more effective client feedback with regards to the ongoing campaign.  Online marketing Las Vegas is something that you looked up specifically to find a local company who can help you to achieve your goals, and we take great pride in more than a decade of doing exactly that.

The tactics and specializations that we have in order to provide online Marketing Services for Las Vegas clients are as follows:

  1. Website design. We pride ourselves in creating bold and engaging websites that will not only eight customers attention but also rank high on Google if a SEO program is associated with the campaign.  We found that too many companies build websites without thinking about rankings, putting the design aspects over the “getting found” aspects.  In 10 years of experience we have never actually come across the business that did not care about ranking on Google at least a little bit.  This is why we build all of our websites to be responsive and to display appropriately on both desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO.) This is really our bread and butter, to as the majority of our clients find us while seeking ways to get customers using search engines. We have a wide range of clients currently,  and have worked with nearly every type of business in the past.  Almost any business can benefit from search engine optimization and the new clients as a result of being presented on the first page of search engine results when people seek the things that they sell.  Our strategies involve a proprietary blend of tactics that push websites higher in rankings over time.  We do not use any strategies that are against the terms of service on any search engine, and ultimately our clients are not impacted by penalties.
  3. Social media. Social media fits into search engine optimization as well as the use of the Internet to reach large audiences who are interested in a particular topic.  There are different forms of social media marketing ranging from paid ads within a specific social media platform to ongoing posting and dialogue between your business and the public through your social media profiles.  Discussing the timeframes that are necessary for social media success as well as the realities of building followers are important for these types of campaigns.
  4. Paid search marketing. We structure and monitor paid search marketing programs for success, streamlining the bid process in order to conserve budget and reach the majority of target customers.  Our paid search marketing campaigns will generally work in coordination with search engine optimization so as to not bid on words or phrases that we already rank high for.  Effective paid search marketing is about reaching a very specific target market and not bleeding budget to those that are interested.

If you would like to find out more about our online marketing Las Vegas programs, contact us through this website Big Bulldog SEO or by calling 702-767-4637.


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