We Only Work With Las Vegas Businesses

Big Bulldog Las Vegas SEOPeople think we are crazy when we say we only work with Las Vegas businesses. Why would we choose to work with businesses from this local area exclusively, and not open up our services to every business across the country? SEO is not the kind of thing that you need to be in the same city as the client in order to do, and web design (or any online marketing) is the same way. So why would we choose to work with Las Vegas businesses and no others? Because we can meet you in person.

SEO has received a bad rap over the years, brought about by salesmen who promise the world but deliver nothing. There is a reason for this. SEO takes time, usually somewhere between 3 and 12 months, to see the results. Rankings might move up a little before that, but rarely enough to get to the first page where all the sales happen. People only choose from the businesses listed on page one of results, and because of that everything beyond page one is just conversation. There is no difference between page 3 and page 10 to your business, because neither one produces any customers. SEO salesmen take advantage of the fact that it will take a while to achieve the goals of getting on page one, which means that you can’t really judge their successes for many months. This gets them paid even if they are doing nothing at all, and it results in a lot of businesses “getting burned by SEO guys.” Lots of business owners have stories about how they trusted a company and never got the results they were promised. As long as the company did what they stated in the contract, there is nothing you can do about it.

Big Bulldog SEO is different. We don’t use contracts and we are completely transparent with what we are doing. Gone are the days of you not knowing what the hell the SEO company is actually doing for your money. We provide you with a report every month showing all of the content we have written and posted, and all of the changes we have made. We found that being up-front with the work we do allows clients to trust that we are working for them, instead of just cashing their checks. We keep you informed as far as the exact progress in the rankings we are making, as well as what you can expect. We don’t promise things just to make you sign with us, we discuss with you exactly what is necessary and encourage you to allow us to do it for you.

If your SEO company isn’t getting results like you expected, maybe it is time to fire them. If you are a Las Vegas business, we will come to your office and show you what we can do. We will look over your situation and tell you how we can improve it. We will let you know if you are being lied to.

Google rankings are a dogfight. You need a bulldog in your corner.


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