Should you outsource your search engine optimization?

Should you outsource your search engine optimization?

Why hire an SEO company when I can do it myself?

A good SEO company is going to work for you utilizing the latest strategies that are getting results for clients, and boosting their search engine rankings higher towards the top of the results. Because the algorythms that drive the placement decisions are always changing, you need to ask yourself if you feel you are on top of what is necessary to the same degree as a professional, and if the answer is yes then why are you not in the business of SEO yourself? Most business owners outsource SEO simply becasue it is confusing and needs constant research and work. Their business has little to nothing to do with search engine optimization, so why would they take the time to learn how it works when they should be concentrating on their own business. If the owner believes that SEO actually does nothing, and a few technological steps that they can easily read in a book are all it takes to gain high rankings, then they should do so and see if they begin outranking businesses that approach it as legitimate advertising. If the business owner does not get satisfactory results themselves, they should admit there is more to SEO than can be accomplished in a short time frame, and outsource it to the best SEO company they can afford.

Search engines are no longer simply looking for words on a page or meta-data, which used to make SEO more “trick based” than it is today. It used to be that you could repeat a certain word in different places on a website page and the search engine would think the page should rank for that word. SEO companies made profits by understanding how these tricks worked, and charged customers to do them. Currently, however, search engines are looking at content and concepts in order to make a decision as far as what is the best website with regards to a certain search, and they are not able to be tricked into positioning websites based upon word usage. Additionally, you used to be able to simply build a ton of inbound links into your website and the search engine would believe the site was popular. Once again, this trick no longer works.

SEO companies are now content producers and public relations agencies, due to the fact that search engines like Google have become so sophisticated at searching for concepts and utilizing legitimate popularity as a gage of quality. A website must constantly be growing with regards to content on a subject that they wish to rank for, which means if you want to rank for “dentist” you better be creating top quality content about what a dentist does, not just sales copy about the services you offer as a dentist. Additionally, you now need to understand the differences between local and global SEO.

If you do not want to outsource SEO to an SEO company, there is every opportunity to do it yourself. You can expect to spend hours writing content that reads perfectly for humans, as well as having concepts that machines can understand and index. You can expect to spend hours sourcing out inbound links and writing meta-data. You can also expect to not outrank any competitor who hires a professional to do it.

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