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One of the most common misunderstandings with regards to search engine rankings is that organic results are not pay-per-click results. Paid results are on Google’s right-hand side and on the top in yellow. The paid results are determined not by your organic listing and ranking, but by an auction system and how good the ads you are running are. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a way to get on to the front page quickly, without spending a lot of time trying to manipulate your website to rank higher, however it is generally very expensive as bid prices within competitive markets are usually high. You pay a certain amount to have your ad show, and that much money comes out of your account every time someone clicks the ad. Your conversion rate (the amount of average traffic it takes for you to make a sale) dictates how much you can afford to pay per click without losing money. Focus Internet Services creates and manages pay-per-click campaigns for our clients that can benefit from them.

We prefer to do a combination of SEO and PPC for our clients.  This means that we monitor the organic rankings of a website and if you rank in a good place then we do not bid on that phrase for PPC.  Many companies do not do it this way because it is too difficult to track your rankings in addition to PPC bids, but the savings can be huge for you.  If you present an ad that costs you 5 dollars every time someone clicks it right next to your organic listing that is free every time someone clicks it, half the time they will click on the ad that costs you money.  In a competitive market, this mistake can translate to thousands of lost dollars every year that could be better spent somewhere else.  Smart PPC management demands that you do not “set it and forget it.” Our philosophy is to stay engaged with the best way to spend your PPC budget, and work for you to maximize every click.

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