There are many elements that go into the design of a website, and if you ignore any of them at the starting point of a project there is a good chance you are not going to have the best results with other aspects of it down the road.  What I am referring to here is the fact that many website designers will concentrate on the art of the website first and foremost, and put all of the other elements second so as not to compromise their artistic vision.  Focus Internet Services was born from the idea that all elements of online marketing must work in unison so as to provide the best results possible in the forms that are desired by the client.  If the client is looking for more business and sales, then  the website must provide an ability to gain more customers through being found on search engines as well as providing a good experience for those customers once they are on the site.  If the client simply wants an artistic or clean website that will only be accessed by people that another form of marketing is driving them to it, then we do not need to worry about rankings and can concentrate only on the presentation.  At the end of the day, however, most projects are about making money and sales through traffic that lands on the website.

When we are contracted to do a website design, we will take time to find out the goals of the project and to explain the options that are available to the client that will solve those problems.  If the client wants a clean and modern website that will display correctly on mobile devices as well as desktops, we need to explain to them about the restrictions that come about in the design when we make it a “responsive layout” (one that adjusts for the device layout limitations.) If they want to rank highly on Google, we need to take certain steps that are going to make the attached SEO program more effective.  If they want to show up for localized searches, we need to coach them through the additional offsite elements that are necessary for this to happen.  Overall, a website design project is rarely the simple process of making a bunch of pages and linking them together, and it serves a bigger picture that must be factored together so as to provide a design that actually functions well in the modern internet age.

If your website designer is not asking you questions about the goals of the project, and providing assistance with the process with regards to additional elements that provide functionality within the project like Google +, social media integration, localization techniques or ongoing content production, then it may be a good idea to reconsider them as a website designer, or possibly have the project managed by a professional seo company who can keep the project from becoming unusable in the future.  Many businesses have the website redesigned for a new look, only to be frustrated by the “we are going to need to redesign this website” discussion from the seo company as soon as the desire to rank on Google conversation comes up.  Unfortunately this is true in many circumstances, and the website designer did not take enough steps to providing a good framework to work within for seo, thus complicating the process.