Project Description

Black Jax Garage Doors is a small local Las Vegas business that needed to get the word out that they exist. They needed a website designed on a budget and needed that website to eventually rank for local Las Vegas searches for “garage door repair” and “garage door installation.” Phase one of the project was completed when we provided them with a clean website that shows their services and gets the contact information to potential customers both on desktops and on mobile devices. The site is responsive, mobile compliant and clean. Attention was paid to the fact that people booking these kinds of services are generally looking for convenience, so we made sure that we didn’t lose sight of the fact that we needed to get the phone number and contact information to be front and center when someone views the website.

Phase two of the SEO work for Black Jax Garage Doors has just begun. Because it is a brand new website we expect it to take a few months to begin getting rankings for their targeted terms. We set up all of their local presences on Google for them, and connected all of the dots. Now we are in the process of doing local SEO for the Las Vegas area, and expect rankings to develop in a short amount of time.