Project Description

Raycap is a multi-national company that is very specific on brand presentation. Smaller companies will be less specific and concerned about their brand presentation because they have not spent millions of dollars developing it. In Raycap’s case, they had gone to great lengths over the years to make sure that their brand is seen in the way that they want it to be see at all times. This includes the website and web presences, as well as all content that is associated with the company. We were tasked with keeping these things in mind when designing a new website that was clean and reflected the brand image. Part two of the project was ongoing SEO to get the rankings up for the product keywords that they needed. They had tried SEO in the past with mediocre success, and had gone through several versions of websites as well.

We worked closely with Raycap to design a website that would not only reflect their branding, but also would provide us with perfect functionality with regards to SEO. We needed a site that we could add content to on a regular basis, and one that was also structured in a way that search engines could easily index that content. We needed to do this in a way that kept the site as clean as possible, while also providing information on the products they manufacture. The result was a website that moved up in Rankings before any SEO work was done, proving that the site itself does have a large impact on how well it will rank.

The ongoing SEO work for Raycap is intense. All content that is developed both onsite and offsite for links is heavily scrutinized and edited before approvals are given. The strategic approach to their SEO has resulted in dramatically higher rankings for their targeted keywords, and the project has been a multi-year success that is ever expanding.