Project Description

Blue Diamond Vapors caters to an audience that uses social media a lot. Connecting with them on social media websites drives sales, as well as helping to establish the brand on a global scale. Social media is tough, and simply having a Facebook page or an Instagram profile is not going to get followers. We established a program for Blue Diamond Vapors to take over their social media posting, to continually engage their audience and expand their reach through likes and shares.

We develop a new graphic every day for Blue Diamond Vapors, five days per week. This graphic has something to do with their business or their industry, and is designed to keep their followers engaged with the brand. The topics are wide ranging, from product reviews to pictures of customers to industry developments. The campaign is not meant to simply push sale information or provide coupons, but instead is designed to have a conversation with their customers and become a source of information for them. The graphics are combined with text and links and posted daily to established Facebook and Instagram profiles. The audience is global, but with a Las Vegas local focus.