Project Description

The Devious Designs project was a straight forward branding and SEO project.  Devious Designs approached us with the issue of their website not ranking very well for some of the keyterms that would drive potential business to their location.  While this would have typically been a basic SEO project, Devious Designs also needed some help presenting their work in a way that would convince customers before they ever called.  Being a custom paint shop with a flair for the dramatic, the work itself is what sells people, so we needed to not only show the portfolio, but do it in a way that captured the spirit of the business itself.  Designing a website that will not only show the business the way they like to present themselves but also make it a website that will rank on Google is more difficult than you think.

Typical web designers do not think in terms of SEO, and making the site itself serve a purpose.  Most web designers think only in terms of the visual presentation of the site itself, and putting design ahead of SEO will usually result in a beautiful website that nobody ever sees because they don’t find it indexed on search engines.  With the Devious Designs website we did both, presenting them in the style they have and also creating a website that is structurally sound and has the ability to be SEO friendly.  The result was a slick, mobile-compliant responsive WordPress custom website that has all of the features that are necessary to do ongoing SEO in a way that works.