Professional SEO vs Amateur SEO

Professional SEO vs Amateur SEO

Most business owners have a feeling that they can accomplish the majority of things on their own, which is the personality trait that makes them entrepreneurs.  The idea that you can do something just as well as a professional is generally what makes people start businesses, and is what allows them to continue to create new and innovative situations that solve new issues as they come up.  Being a business owner is all about not being afraid to attempt to do something on your own.  One of the things that happens in many cases if you allow this mentality to dominate your thinking is that you try to accomplish things that others are better than you at.  What we mean by this is that you might be able to do something that you probably won’t be as good at it as someone who has spent a significant period of time practicing that same skill.  When it comes to marketing, trying to do it yourself as one of the biggest areas of failure that many business owners face.  On the surface it looks easy, just create graphics and text that let the world know that your business exists and then place it in the public eye somewhere.  While this is all true and it can be accomplished by anyone, what you must understand is that your business is in a competition with other businesses who do the same thing as you.  This means that if you are not presenting yourself as well as they are, then they will get the business and you won’t.  Search engine optimization is the ultimate example of this, where each search returns a list of websites, ranked in the order of importance for that information.  When you are using search engine results as a way to gain new business, you must be on the first page if not in the first three results.  Everything beyond that point is irrelevant to getting new business.  So many people who believe that they can do their own search engine optimization attempt to go through the process.  They create the kinds of things that are necessary in order for search engines to recognize that your website exists.  They read about how to do it and then try to follow the strategies that they’ve seen online.  The overwhelming majority of them never achieve first page results, and even fewer ever get to the top three.  This is attributed to a very simple fact, that in a competition setting amateurs almost never beat professionals.

Professional SEO involves all the same process is that amateur SEO does.  Going into your website and filling in the titles and descriptions as well as making sure that a single page on the site is the one that has the majority of information on a certain topic are all part of the process.  Making sure that the Alt tags are filled in on pictures as well as creating the right kind of content on the page are other aspects.  Writing content in order to position it on other websites by linking back to yours is yet another critical aspect of the process.  All of these things can be accomplished by anyone with access to your website and an ability to write, but the best writers and the ones who are the most experienced with search engine optimization itself are going to be the ones who get the rankings.  Comparing an ability to learn how to drive is valid.  Anybody can learn how to steer and stop a car that that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be able to compete with professional race car driver in a race.  Search engine rankings are very much the same where anyone can do the steps but only if you were going to be able to be the winners.  If your business and your livelihood depends on making money based upon search engine rankings, are you willing to not use a professional??

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