The Recession Is Good For Rankings?

With regard to ranking your business on Google, Bing or Yahoo for the keywords that are important for your business, the recession can have a positive effect if you are smart enough to seize the opportunity and invest in search engine optimization. Think of rankings on search engines as a competition between your business and those who compete with you. There can be only one number one for any term or phrase, and usually that website is going to also rank in a similar position for a lot of the other phrases that are like the main targeted phrase. The number one position for any search phrase gets about 44% more traffic than the second position, because people generally click on the highest position assuming that Google has done the job of ranking the businesses by the quality of the business. This, however, is not true. Google is ranking the quality of the search engine optimization program associated with the website for the business. This is why it is crucial to hire the best seo company you can afford, and why the recession has created an opportunity that you might not have for very long.

As companies reduce their advertising budgets in an attempt to conserve funds, they will many times eliminate search engine optimization first under the assumption that rankings are permanent. The true case is that this is utterly false, and the rankings are determined by the level of the competition and their dedication to search engine optimization. This opens up a window of opportunity for small businesses to attack competitive phrases that are not being developed by major players, utilizing minimal development because they are literally doing nothing and resting on the idea that there will be no shift because nobody will do anything.