Many businesses do not understand the importance of reviews and citations on their seo program. The user generated reviews and citations of your business posted on services like Yelp and Google+ give potential customers an insight into your business practices, by allowing these potential customers to read actual customers opinions about your business. These reviews may or may not actually influence the positions that your business gains in rankings, as Google has yet to come up with a foolproof method of utilizing the tone of the review in order to push good businesses up and bad businesses down, however they are prominently displayed within the localization sections of your listings. What this translates to is that if your business is generating a ton of negative press, it may not push your rankings down but it will give potential customers the ability to see the opinions of your customers prominently displayed next to your listing. This means that even though you have achieved a good ranked position, you still might not benefit from it as the overwhelming tone of your customers is negative, and is displayed right next to your listing.

While the reviews themselves may have only a little to do with seo and the rankings of your site, if your goal is to convert internet viewers into customers then it is a good idea to pay attention to the online reviews and citations that are being generated about your business.