Search engine optimization should be part of your business plan.

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Too many companies forget about search engine optimization as part of their advertising and marketing plans. The business decides that it needs to adverrtise to gain more exposure, puts together a marketing plan and a website, but leaves out the single largest exposure mechanism on the internet, search engine optimization. Probably due to a lack of understanding of how Google works, many businesses assume that the rankings that are achieved by having a website are the rankings that they are stuck with, and do not further research the process of sculpting the online presence in order to boost those rankings up. Generally, Google will push more than fifty percent of the traffic to a website that is unoptimized, that traffic coming through searches for the business name itself. That percentage can be significantly improved with new traffic that is more generalized, an d based upon searches for the types of things that the business provides. The searches that are for your business name are already your customers, as they already know something about you. The true building of new business through the internet comes when you begin to expose yourself to potential customers who know nothing of you, but are looking for answers that you provide in the form of products and services. Only search engine optimization programs can manipulate your rankings for those generic searches, and get your business to be presented to those potential customers.

A fine tuned advertising plan will utilize each medium to gain new customers. Building the website without ongoing SEO is like building the car and not putting gas into the tank.

Your marketing needs “focus”…