Self SEO Is A Terrible Idea 

Before we even begin, the less get a few things out of the way.  Yes, anybody can read online about the techniques involved in search engine optimization.  As long as you know how to write, you can also probably do the majority of these techniques yourself.  If you have a basic understanding of wordpress or what ever code structure makes up your website, you may even be able to go in and make alterations to the site itself based upon SEO advice.  Onsite as SEO involves things like making changes to the titles and descriptions on each page as well as making sure that Alt tags are all filled in and that there is written content on that page.  A basic knowledge of the workings of your website as well as the basic idea of how to write can get any of these things done.  It is also possible for you to create content that will be positioned on other websites that link back to yours.  These are the basic tenants of the SEO, and will probably improve the rankings of your website a little bit.  If you are the expert in your field, then chances are you have the ability to write the content that you read about needing to embed into your website in order to gain higher rankings.  Once again, anybody with a basic understanding of writing can do this.  Usually what happens is that you will see small improvements to the rankings that you’re looking for, but chances are it won’t improve the amount of customers that you have.  This is because customers only choose from the businesses that are presented on the first page of the search engine when they are seeking a certain type of business or product to choose from.  If you’re not in those top positions on page one, then you aren’t being considered at all.  The difference between being on page 10 and being on page 6 is literally a relevant with regards to gaining new customers.  Nobody is going to choose from any of those businesses that are presented after page 2.  The majority of the business is going to the first 3 businesses that are ranked for a certain search.  If your SEO efforts did not produce a position on the first page, then the industry is too competitive for you to be able to do a minimal amounts of search engine optimization and still gain the benefits.  You might be the best at what you do, but it doesn’t mean that search engines are going to recognize this fact.

If your business relies on search engines to produce customers, then you need to take SEO seriously.  Think about it like driving a car in a race.  Just because you can figure out how to operate the car by reading a few articles online does not give you the ability to compete with professional race car drivers to win a race.  That takes years of practice and knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of that industry.  Even though you know how to operate the car, the majority of the time those with the experience are going to win.  Your business needs that experience in order to compete, and anything less than the first few positions has no value to you.  This is why the top ranked companies are all using professional search engine optimization in order to gain and maintain those positions.  If you want to be there, you have to hire someone who understands how to translate your knowledge of your industry into something that search engines not only understand but also do you as being the best information on that topic.  Doing minimal amounts of SEO is not going to be able to make your website compete with those who are doing it for real.  If you need to customers in order to build your business, then you need to start taking it seriously.

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