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Is Your SEO Company A Day Trader?

One common aspect that SEO companies have in common is the desire to achieve the highest possible rankings for a phrase they are targeting for a client, and they seem to do it at any cost necessary to impress the client, even if it might not be in the best interest of the client. What this means is that the SEO industry in general (provided that you are dealing with reputable companies that actually provide services that are sustainable, and not fly-by-night people calling themselves seos simply because there is no real compliance standard with which to define the practice) understands the landscape enough to know the difference between tactics that will create high and inflated ranking positions in the short term (but which may ultimately have negative effects on the long-term rankings) and tactics that will provide ongoing, sustained results. Enter the world of Google penalties, and the disaster that comes with it.

Many large scale seo companies will not even take clients that have been slapped with Google penalties, as the results are far from satisfactory and usually difficult to achieve. Part of seo is showing the results to the clients, so that they understand that even though they do not see ongoing changes to the website in terms of art changes, the process is working in the background and pushing rankings up. Everything you do once a penalty has been levied will be twice as difficult, as the results will not be nearly as impressive as if you had a clean slate to work with. In many cases all the work is moving inches when it would normally be moving feet. The penalties come in the form of lost rankings due to tactics that violate Google’s terms of service. The penalties are levied for tactics like blog farming, link spam, purchased links, keyword stuffing, etc. The penalty is noticed when there is a sudden loss of rankings within targeted phrases, and by then it is too late.

In the zeal to impress clients quickly, many companies will lean toward tactics that push the boundaries, and which may or may not be caught. If no penalty ever comes about, the company looks like the greatest thing ever. If a penalty comes, they explain it as an “algorithm change” or simply move on to the next victim once you go out of business or fire them. Either way, a reputable company is now left with cleaning up the mess, and generally this process will cost you far more than a traditional seo program due to the added work.

A day trader goes for the quick buck, buying and selling stocks without research in order to get the fastest results possible. A long term investor researches strategies that provide ongoing, long term growth. A long term investor ignores the zeal of the daily pops and drops of the stock market. The reason is that over time the day trader loses, as they cannot continue to win more than they lose. Sooner or later they go broke because they were always shooting for the quick money, and not seeing the long term growth. Contact us today to see what a real seo growth pattern looks like, we would be happy to show you one of our clients.

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