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Absolute Dental was our first client, and remains one of our largest and most well developed projects to this date. Origionally approached as an “add on” to a traditional marketing campaign, with the ownership having little faith that the internet could be used effectively to reach their target market, our first challenge was to restructure their website to be more effective at giving valuable information and speak to the needs of the customer. The site had been redesigned by another agency four months earlier, and alothough it was far better from a design perspective than the previous site (which was a single page giving locations and phone numbers,) it still lacked any real functionality or content that was valuable to the customer, and thus it remained poorly indexed on search engines. After restructuring to add functionality and flow, we went to work developing content and driving inbound links to the site. Within three months, traffic to the site had increased by more than 880%, and appointments booked through prople finding the website on Google, Yahoo and MSN brought in unprecidented amounts of revenue. This extraordinary success gave the ownership the confidence to move forward on an expanded and fully integrated internert marketing plan involving nearly every applicable form of advertising. Absolute’s success may not be typical, but it is a testimate to the statement that “any business can use the internet to expand their client base.”

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