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Our company is located in Las Vegas, and whether you like it or not there are a large percentage of businesses in the Las Vegas area that cater to “adult” entertainment. Our take on business is that it is not our right to judge your business as far as morality, our job is to provide you with services that we promise in the best way we can.  If your business is legal, then we are able to provide you with services.  If your business is not legal, we will turn down the account, its that simple.  There are many SEO companies or web designers who will refuse to work with adult oriented projects simply based upon the subject matter, but our opinion is that if you are providing a service or product that is within the law as stipulated in Nevada, you are a client with a product like any other client. Yes, we work with adult businesses and websites providing SEO and PPC management, as well as web design.

SEO for adult websites is more difficult than for traditional websites.  This is because we must steer clear of penalties that Google would impose with regards to content and backlinking when providing our services.  Our SEO strategies are actually very simple, we create text-based content every month that will be placed either on your website or on other websites that allow us to link back to you.  Google is looking for two primary things to decide your rankings, one is onsite content on a specific topic and the other is backlinks from websites that are providing content on that topic.  A typical business is not going to run into difficulty providing these things, but Google is not a big fan of adult content and as a result we must get creative in the way we present the topics both on your website and off it.  The articles we write cannot involve pornography or anything that might be considered illegal, but can discuss these topics in professional ways.  No, the written content that will be positioned into the website for Google will not do much to turn-on your visitors, but it will provide Google with the understanding that you are an authority on the topic.  In this way, we can present you as the authority on things like massage services, outcall exotic dancing and niche adult model websites, all of which are completely legal.  By presenting ourselves to Google as an authority on the subject, the website gains rankings for general searches within the field.  When someone searches for “strippers in Las Vegas” they will find your site because Google has found information on the specifics of that topic, even if the customer is simply looking for a stripper to hire.  It is a strategy that exploits the use of content in order to present your business to customers who were not necessarily looking for that specific content.

Another difficult thing to deal with when doing adult SEO or web design is links.  You need backlinks in order to rank, but very few websites are going to allow us to create backlinks on them to a website that is considered adult.  If you build backlinks from websites that Google considers pornography, you can easily be penalized and lose rankings, or even be completely banned.  If you are building backlinks from a  website that gets penalized, you can then see the transfer of some of that penalty to your own website.  Google penalties for porn links are difficult to deal with, and once a site is penalized it is quite hard to recover. In addition, there is a dirty-pool aspect to the adult world that is typically not seen in standard businesses.  An example of this is “negative SEO’ or “Google bowling,” where a competitor purposefully drives bad links to your website in order to penalize it.  The main reason this happens in the adult industry with so much more regularity than traditional business is the sheer cost of the links.  Generally, you are going to have to pay money to gain links from porn websites or link farms, and if you have utilized this as your link building strategy you may have paid a great deal of money for these links.  If your site is severely penalized as a result, you can either attempt to salvage it through penalty reversal programs which take lots of time and are very expensive, or you can simply move on to a different domain in order to do your business.  But what can you now do with a penalized URL that has some value? The answer is to 301 redirect that url to your competitors, which literally passes the penalty to them without them being able to see the links that are causing it. Google will show you the links that it sees to your site and allows you to use a disavow in order to maintain control of who links to you, but you do not have that information for other websites. If someone redirects a penalized site that they have access to over to your url, you will not even see it in the Google link list because they are technically not linking to you. This weakness in the Google disavow system is exploited by adult businesses attempting to take down their competition simply because these types of websites are more commonly penalized.  If you have access to a larger number of types of websites and are looking for a use for them, you will find greater percentages of webmasters willing to use these types of tactics. In cases like these, it may simply be easier to move to a new url than to try to salvage the old one, however each case is unique.  There have also been cases where a url is abandoned and the content from the site is simply moved over to a new url with the expectation of solving penalty problems.  You must approach this strategy carefully and with the understanding that the 301 redirect may pass the penalty to the new website, so it is wiser to simply start fresh and abandon all the previous links.

If you operate an adult oriented business and are interested in adult website design, adult SEO or adult PPC, contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you.  We have worked with many adult web clients in the past in order to boost traffic to their sites using whitehat SEO methods, and can do the same for you.

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