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SEO For Casinos In Las Vegas

Casino marketing techniques have been developed over the years to be unbelievably precise, calculating return on investment on promotional mailers that are created based on user-play history and demographic factors. Casinos understand the value of getting specific players onto their properties, and have become very adept at calculating the values of specific players vs the amount of marketing dollars that it will take to get them in the door. Simply because of their natural tendency to analyze risk vs reward, most casino operators understand marketing. Unfortunately, most casino marketing departments do not understand SEO, and the way that the website of a property is manipulated upward in the rankings for searches that will attract customers. For example, if you were to Google “best slots in Las Vegas” would your property come up at the top of the results? Just so you know, if you are not MGM Grand your property is not on the first page. Basic SEO techniques could get your property positioned there, and ultimately into the field of vision of potential players who are looking for somewhere to visit.

You probably found this article by searching for “SEO for casinos” or some variation of that phrase. The reason you found this article and ultimately know who we are is because SEO (search engine optimization) was applied to this page of our website as well as the links to this page. This same process can be used for any search phrase in order to produce the same kinds of results for you, resulting in potential customers finding you when they are looking. 75% of decisions that are made now involve a Google search of some sort, and if you are not being presented in the results then you are not getting any of the rewards. As a matter of fact, statistics prove that the top result gets 50% of all clicks, the second gets 25% and the third gets 12%. Every position down the page gets half of the traffic of the one above it, and by the time you have reached the sixth position down you are getting less than 1% of traffic. These are all potential customers who are not visiting your property.

Search engine optimization is not the same process that it used to be. Rankings are based upon Google identifying a page on your website as the authority on a topic, and the best information available for searchers. The page is identified as the best information on that subject through the SEO process of creating unique content, optimizing the page code itself and then linking to that content from external content that also is important for that topic. If Google discovers a web page talking about casinos and slot machines in Las Vegas which links back to you, then Google understands that you are an authority on that subject. Do this process enough times and Google recognizes you as a better authority than all your competitors. Google pushes you up in the rankings for searches, and you get the customers when people find your website.

If you are part of a marketing team at a casino and are looking for higher rankings on search engines as a way to attract new players and customers, contact us at 702-767-4637. You can also click here: SEO for casinos


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