Lets face it, most contractor websites are pretty bad. This is because they were generally done years ago when there was a sense of everyone  needing a website for this new medium, and ultimately the site is then ignored and never updated. There are hundreds of different contracting specialties ranging from general contracting to patio covers to flooring contractors, and they all have been operated the same way for many years. Contracting typically is something that is chosen out of necessity, coming into play either when something needs updated or something is broken and needs fixing. The traditional way that contractors gained new work was through word of mouth and referrals, and while this is still a completely valid method of getting work, those who wish to potentially be proactive at getting new clients need to consider their website, and their positioning on search engines. This is because the world has changed a lot over the course of the last decade, and ultimately the way that people secure contracting services has changed as well. They don’t go to the yellow pages any more, and in many places like Las Vegas, they don’t know their neighbors enough to ask for a reference. That leaves the internet, and statistically we find that the majority of decisions as far as hiring contractors now starts online with a search engine.

Think about it, if a pipe in your house bursts and needs fixed, you generally need to get a plumber out there as quickly as possible. That means that you don’t have a lot of time to do research, and instead most people will simply Google a localized version of the service, like “plumber in Las Vegas.” They trust that the best businesses are positioned on the first page of Google, so they go to the websites of the first few listings and choose one or a few of them to come out and perform their service. You can have the best prices and do the best work, and if you are not in those top three positions on Google then nobody finds you to call. Simply put, you must be there just to get the calls that will result in bids and estimates for jobs. You can use PPC to get to the first page, but many times a competitive space is going to show you clickthrough prices of 10 dollars or more. That means that it costs you 10 dollars for every click to the site, and lets say that it takes 20 people to come to the site to result in one phone call or estimate request. That means you have spent 200 dollars to get that call, and we both know that you don’t land a job on every call that you receive!

SEO for contractors is the process of creating a good website that shows your work and has easy to find contact information, then manipulating that website and links to the website so you get higher positions on Google when someone looks for your services. If someone Googles “patio covers” and thats what you do, then you need to be on that first page of results to get the calls. The way this is accomplished is through creating content for the website that is about the services you provide, and then create content on other websites that also talks about that subject but links back to you.  These are the things that Google is looking for in order to put you at a higher position, and without this you will not move up over time. Contractors are typically not writers, and spending your entire day writing articles on your contracting services is probably pretty far fetched. Thats where we come in.

We are experienced designing websites and doing SEO for contractors. We have provided websites to many contractors over the years in many different fields, and we have also provided SEO for those contractors so that they gain higher positions and get considered for jobs. When you are ready to consider using Google to get new clients, contact us directly at 702-997-1252 and we an discuss your project.  SEO for contractors that are not super competitive is not as expensive as you might think, and generally the gaining of a few new jobs a month will pay for our services that we provide.