SEO For Dentists In Las Vegas

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SEO For Dentists Las Vegas

Las Vegas SEOSEO for dentists in Las Vegas is the same as SEO for dentists in any city, the only potential difference being that Las Vegas is a larger community than some other places and therefore as a larger amount of dental offices that are competing for the 10 spots on the first page of google.  Search engine optimization is a competition for these particular spots, as anything beyond the first page it is essentially irrelevant due to the fact that almost no customers will move beyond the first few results when considering new services and using the search engine to do it.  As a matter of fact, the only real traffic that is valuable to a business is usually found in the top six results, just based upon a clickthrough evidence that has been presented over many years.  People are essentially lazy, and assume that google has done the work for them in choosing the best businesses to put into their top results.  Because of this assumption, we will find that the top six results that are presented on a search engine are usually the ones that get 99% of the traffic.  The way the statistics can out is that the top result will generally get around 46% of the clickthrough traffic, the number two result it’s about 23%, the number three result gets about 12%, the number for result gets about 6%, the number five result gets about 3% and the number six result gets about 1%.  From this point down the page, the businesses that are listed will usually see less than 1% of traffic, and anything past the first page will usually see zero.  Any clickthroughs that will usually be seen in analytics it here and passed the first page are usually other businesses attempting to solicit you by using google as their list.  When it comes to actual traffic that is potentially considering your services and your business, the first page is the only one that matters.  Making this even more difficult is the fact that all of the organic results on page one or not necessarily businesses.  We will usually see around half of these results being represented by aggregator websites which utilized their own algorithms to rank businesses with and not geographic area.  These types of web sites are difficult to rank higher than, due to the fact that they pool information in a way that google prefers.  When all is said and done, we will usually see about five legitimate spaces where organic website listings can provide value to the business.  Naturally, in competitive markets like a dentist in Las Vegas, it is quite difficult to get more business into these top results when there are hundreds of other businesses attempting to do the exact same thing.  This is why anything less than a top level SEO program is usually a waste of money.  If you can gain first page rankings, then you will usually see an increase in business that will be greater than the money that you pay out to the SEO company.  If you do not make it to page one, you will generally see no benefit from the work that has been done as far as new customers.

When hiring an SEO company, you are going to want to consider how much experience they have lived in this particular industry as well as what kinds of search engine optimization strategies they use.  Some strategies are more effective than others, and these are very difficult to differentiate for a layperson without looking into specific rankings that have been achieved for clients at the current time.  If the search engine optimization company will not show you specific results that they have achieved for their existing client base, then it is easy to assume that their strategy is not as effective as other companies.  If they show you results that were achieved in the past, the best thing that you can do is to look up the current position of the business and assess whether or not the strategy only gained them short term results or not.  It is possible for a strategy to quickly increase rankings that then fall over time.  If the company is presenting you with a case study and a snapshot of rankings in the past I have not been maintained, you must use your judgment to ascertain if the strategy has lasting power or not.  If a business once ranked on the first page and has since fallen to anywhere beyond page two or three, you must assume that something was terribly wrong with this strategy that was used.  There are potential penalties that come into play when SEO of companies that tends to do things the easy way.  Unfortunately, these penalties are assessed to their clients over time, which ultimately harms the businesses that they’re working for far more than benefiting them.  It is quite difficult to recover from a google penalty, and if your last search engine optimization company used tactics that violated the terms of service, there’s a good chance that it will be extra difficult to dig out from the hole that they have dug.  Always consider the quality of the company that you use, and if the price that they are charging you seems unrealistically low, you can assume that they are probably not very good at their job.

Our agency has years of experience providing search engine optimization for clients in the Las Vegas area, and we have worked with several high profile dental offices and chains as well as small independent operators.  We have found that there are specific hindrances to dentist of rankings in many regards, some of which can be rectified easily.  If you use any of the companies which provides you with an easy to build web site and a repository of articles to use on your website, you may be having the difficult time ranking due to a duplicate content penalty.  Articles which are the same as content that is on another dental websites is ultimately not going to provide you with any value at all, and as a matter of fact will probably hurt you in the long run due to websites also having the same content.  Who will prefers and written and important content that is unique and developed specifically for your website.  We design good looking websites and also specialize in content creation that is done for the purpose of dentist SEO and higher rankings.  If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us today for a free consultation.


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