SEO For Electricians

SEO For Las Vegas Electricians

SEO or “search engine optimization” is the process by which website code and content is manipulated in order to move the page up in search engine rankings. There are many elements that can be manipulated in order to achieve this goal, some with more impact than others. One of the issues with the SEO industry is that since there are so many different aspects at play that can be used in the process, few people actually understand how it works. They assume that an SEO company is going to use the same process as any other SEO company, and the results will be similar. Unfortunately this is not the case, as illustrated by the fact that if all SEO was equal then everyone who used it would rank number one. Obviously this is not the case, proving that some SEO techniques work better than others, and some strategies are more effective than others. The easiest way to understand modern SEO so as to make a good decision on which SEO company to hire is to look at the content they produce for clients. SEO may have several aspects like redoing titles and descriptions, or reducing image sizes so that pages load faster, but the main thing that is creating rankings is content. Google wants to put the webpages at the top of its results that are the most relevant for people who are looking for answers to questions. This means that if you are trying to rank #1 for “electrician in Las Vegas,” your webpage has to have the best information on that topic. The information has to be unique and well written, and needs to be better than all the other electricians in Las Vegas who are also trying to be #1. The way Google understands which site has the best information on a topic is through analyzing the text and then also analyzing the text of other content that links back to yours. This is why the best SEO companies use a “content marketing” strategy which creates content on your website and links back to your website that are also valuable to people. If the SEO company is simply doing onsite things like filling in titles and descriptions, they are technically doing SEO correctly but are leaving out the hard part that is crucial to rankings. They will be “doing SEO” for you every month, but ultimately your rankings will probably never make it to the top of page one because others are doing more difficult and effective things. If you take SEO seriously you have to create content constantly.

SEO for electricians is just like SEO for any other trade or industry. The SEO company needs to analyze which phrases are the best for you to rank for so as to create leads. They need to pick specific pages within your website that will be the ones to rank, and create content for those pages. They need to create content on other websites and link back to those pages. Through this process, your website will rise in the rankings for terms like “electrician in Las Vegas” and variations like it. This is how you get clicks to the site, and leads for your business.

If you are an electrician or own a company that provides these services, contact us to find out more about our SEO for electricians. If you are in Las Vegas we can meet with you personally, but if you are in another city we can do SEO for your business just as effectively. Contact Big Bulldog SEO at 702-767-4637 or click here: Las Vegas SEO

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