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SEO For Las Vegas Hotels

SEO is a specific process of manipulating the content and code of a website so as to increase rankings on search engines for specific phrases that are being targeted. The process of search engine optimization involves creating specific pages within a website that are designed to be recognized as the authority on a topic. The code of that page is then optimized to make it easier for Google to understand the subject matter. Additional content on the same subject is created and positioned either within the website or offsite and then linking back to the target page. Through this process, search engines are convinced that the articles that are online about this topic reference your website as the main authority. Once enough of this process has been completed, Google recognizes your page as the single best authority on that topic and pushes it up in the rankings, making it easier for customers to find. Most people will only click on the first result presented on a search engine (50%) with about half that number clicking on each position down from there. By the time you hit position number six, you are generally getting less than 1% of the traffic for that search. Businesses who want to effectively use the internet must understand that simply having a website is not going to get you new customers because nobody can find it. You need a SEO program to push your website into the positions where potential clients and customers will see it.

Hotels in Las Vegas and in any city will benefit from SEO because few people have recommendations from friends about where to stay in an unfamiliar city. Statistics have shown that 75% of decisions start with a Google search, meaning that 75% of visitors to Las Vegas or your city will Google “Las Vegas hotel,” or “hotels in (fill in city.)” If your property is not on that list in the first six positions, you are not getting any benefit from the thousands of people searching to find the best hotel for their budget. Only through SEO for hotels are you going to be able to use the search engine optimization techniques that will push your property up into these positions, and get the full benefit of internet marketing.

Most companies believe that simply creating a website for your hotel will attract new customers. We do web design for hotels as part of our SEO programs, because we understand that even the greatest hotel website is meaningless if nobody sees it. Aside from the people who already know who you are, how is anyone finding your website? If you are using a PPC campaign to attract new leads and potential customers, you are bidding against all the other hotels in your area that are not ranking organically, and thus getting presented without the “per click” charge.

If you are a hotel owner, or part of a marketing team that is interested in SEO for hotels in Las Vegas or in any city, contact us at 702-767-4637 or click here for information: SEO for hotels

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