SEO For Lawyers And Law Firms

SEO For Lawyers And Law Firms

Search engine optimization for lawyers is one of the necessary forms of marketing if you are going to effectively use the internet to gain new clients.  Law firms rely on people remember who they are at the time when they are necessary, because it is not the kind of business that will generally have repeat clients that use them over and over again, with the exception being business legal matters.  In areas of law practice that cater to the general public, there is not a lot of repeat business every year, which means that you must constantly be at the top of mind when a person needs to hire a lawyer.  Most extreme cases of this are personal injury law, where a person who has never hired a lawyer before and has little experience with the legal system must suddenly make a decision be in order to have themselves be represented in court.  For those who have been injured, this decision is especially difficult because their lives are many times thrown into complete chaos.  They may be out of work and in pain, or even potentially hospitalized at the time when they also need to make a good decision as far as legal representation.  The faster in the process your lawyer is hired the better chance you have winning, so many people will simply call the lawyer that they remember from advertisements in order to represent them.  This is why in most major cities you will find the significant amount of billboards and television ads for personal injury lawyers.  They need to create name recognition so that they are remembered one person is in an accident or suffer as some sort of injury.  The chances of your advertisement itself being directly in front of the person at the moment when they need to make a decision is minimal, so the legal profession relies upon creating brand recognition, and being remembered as the one that call when you need help.  Many legal firms will spend millions of dollars in advertising every year just to be remembered for a few cases, as it is possible to pay off all of that marketing with a single settlement.  Because the potential for large cases and large payouts is available, smart legal firms will make sure that they use every type of marketing possible in order to be in front of anyone who can be injured at all times.  This is why a search engine optimization is such a powerful tool.

SEO for law firms is the process of manipulating website content in order to be positioned hire a search engine for specific phrases that the public searches for.  If a person is doing research on hiring a personal injury lawyer by putting the phrase into google like “personal injury lawyer Las Vegas,” then they are ready to make a decision.  This is why being at the top of the page is so critical if you are going to be considered as an option for hiring.  At that moment in time people are ready to call you, and it might be the single form of advertising where you do not need to be remembered all the time in order to potentially gain a client.  This is the one moment where people are actively seeking your services, and if you are not being presented within your field of vision and you are not going to be considered.  The main issue with regards to search engine optimization is how much work they will take to get to the top of the page for the main types of phrases that people use when searching for a lawyer.  Because you are not the only law firm who wishes to be in that position, the competition for these spots is high.  If you decide to simply utilized paid search functions of google instead of search engine optimization, you can expect to pay a significant amount of money for every click it is provided.  This is because every law firm that cannot rank for organically has only the paid search functions to utilize in order to get onto that first page.  Most of the time, it will cost you far more to get a single client using paid search then it will using search engine optimization.  But this is only if the SEO company that you hire has the ability to get the rankings.  If they do not have the ability to push your website up to the top positions over time, then money is wasted.  Search engine optimization for lawyers can be incredibly beneficial to building your business, and can also be extremely disappointing if you do not achieve the ranking positions that you need in order to be in the field of vision of potential clients.  It doesn’t matter if you are on the second page, because very few people are going to actually go to the second page in order to make their decision.  They choose from the top three actual businesses that are listed, and will rarely consider anything past that point.

If your law firm is considering search engine optimization as a strategy to gain new clients, you must understand that it is going to be a relatively lengthy process that is going to involve a significant amount of investment.  If you do not provide the company that you hire with the ability to do enough work, there is a good chance that you will never outrank the competition.  The process is going to take a significant amount of content being developed and posted on to your website delving into different legal issues as well as providing advice for people who are going through a legal process.  You must be presented as an authority on the topic, and provide the public with better information than all of the other competing law firms.  If it is done correctly and with diligence, search engine optimization can be the biggest payoff with regards to marketing that a law firm can do.

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