SEO For Plumbers

SEO For Plumbers In Las Vegas

Many contractors still think that the way to get new customers is the old fashioned way. They do a great job for a client and then they sit around and hope the client tells other people. While this may have worked in the 50’s when people actually talked to their neighbors, today that isn’t an effective strategy. You might try taking out some ads in newspapers or local magazines, but unless that person’s pipe bursts while they are reading that magazine, they are probably not going to remember your business name. In 2020, 75% of decisions that are made by customers start on Google. That means they have no idea who a good plumber is until a pipe bursts, and the first thing they do is go to Google and search for “plumber in (fill in city)” or “plumber near me.” They are presented with a few ads and a list of plumbers from their area. Statistics show that 50% of people will only click the first result, 25% will click the second, 12% will click the third and so on down the list. If your business is not presented in the top six, then you are probably getting less than 1% of the search traffic in your area.

So you call a website design company and they build you a website. It looks good and it has all the information necessary for someone to call your business. It is online, but for some reason it never moves up in the rankings on Google. This is because you need SEO (search engine optimization) in order for your website to rank. SEO is the process of convincing Google that your website has the best information on a topic, in this case the topic is “plumber in Las Vegas” or whatever city you are in. The only way to outrank your competition and get into those top spots is to have better information on your website about that topic. Just like you probably found this article by searching on Google for “SEO for plumbers” and found it at the top of the page, the same process is used for your content on your website. In order for the content to be valuable, it must be unique and well-written, and must provide information for people to use. There are other aspects of SEO, but for the most part in 2020 it is all about content.

We do SEO for plumbers in Las Vegas and any other city. We push websites up in the rankings by developing content for your website that is unique and valuable to your customers. Google recognizes that content as valuable and positions it at the top of searches for “plumber in (fill in city) depending on what city we localize that content for. The process works for all types of businesses, and it will work for your plumbing business too. You can generate leads for your plumbing business using the internet by simply calling us or sending us an email. We look forward to working for you.

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