SEO For Real Estate Agents

SEO For Las Vegas Real Estate Agents

SEO for real estate agents is necessary if you are to gain new customers using the internet. Simply having a real estate website that allows customers to view properties in your local area is not enough, and will not present you on searches that people have conducted like “real estate agent Las Vegas” or “best real estate agent in (fill in city.)” This is because most websites do not take into consideration the factors that Google is considering when it positions one website over another for a specific search phrase. Google puts one website higher than another because it considers that website as the authority on the topic that was searched for, within that geographic region. This means that to rank for something like “real estate agent in Las Vegas” your website is going to need to be considered the authority in Las Vegas on that subject. It will have to have more important information about real estate and the Las Vegas market, and it will have to be structured in a way that convinces Google that you are a more important source of information on that topic than all the other real estate agent websites in the Las Vegas area. This is accomplished using a specific process called SEO for real estate agents, also known as search engine optimization.

The process of SEO starts with a website that is friendly on both mobile devices and on desktops. Our company does web design for real estate agents in order to create not only websites that are going to be attractive to new customers, but also ones that will act as a good foundation for the SEO process that we are going to be using in order to get your website positioned higher on search engines. The code of the website must be able to present content and information in a way that Google can easily read and understand, as well as being able to be accessed by customers who are looking for that information. Specific pages on the site are created for each phrase that we are targeting, and unique content on that topic is created and positioned on that page. Additional content is then created and positioned on other pages of the site, or offsite and linking back to your website. Through this process, we convince Google that you are the authority on the topic of “real estate in Las Vegas” because other content and websites are citing you as the source to go to for additional information. This shows Google that you are the authority, and as a result they push you higher in the rankings. Do this enough times and Google will consider your website worthy of being placed into the top few results, which are the only ones that customers click when searching. Statistics show that the first result gets about 50% of clicks, the second result get 25% and down from there, each additional result below getting about half the traffic of the one above it. By the time you are at the sixth result or lower you are getting about 1% of traffic or less.

Our firm does SEO for real estate agents in Las Vegas or in any city, as well as website design for real estate agents. If you are part of a marketing team promoting a real estate agent or company, contact us at 702-767-4637 to find out more about our SEO for real estate agents. You can also click here: SEO for real estate agents


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