SEO For Restaurants

SEO For Restaurants

SEO for restaurants in Las Vegas is critical to their success in the modern age. In the past, people chose local restaurants based upon suggestions from their friends, and local advertising on television and radio. Today, more than 65% of people who make a decision about a business start their process on Google, which means that if you are not presented on search engine results you are not being considered. As a matter of fact, you need to be presented in the top six results to have any consideration at all, because most people will not click on any result past the point of scrolling. This means that if you are not in the top six results of page one of Google, the internet is doing almost nothing to get you new customers. You must keep in mind that we are not talking about being presented on the first page for the name of your restaurant, that should happen automatically (provided everything in the website code is correct.) We are talking about people finding you by Googling something that does not involve them already knowing who you are. For example, if you are a seafood restaurant in Las Vegas, you need to be presented in the top results when someone Google’s “seafood restaurant in Las Vegas” or “best seafood restaurant in Las Vegas.” There are two places you can be presented within these searches, in the maps or in the organic listings. Only the top 3 maps listings get displayed on page one of Google, followed by the 10 organic listings. If your seafood restaurant is not being presented there, then there is a good chance that you are missing thousands of potential customers every year. You only have one shot at being presented in these results at the time when the potential customer want this information, and SEO for restaurants is the only way to get there.

SEO means “search engine optimization.” There are many techniques involved in the process, and every SEO company uses a different mix of these techniques. The effectiveness of their strategy combined with if they are being contracted to provide an adequate amount of work on that campaign is what decides who gets those first page positions. Big Bulldog SEO is transparent with our strategy, we work a specific amount of hours for each client every month, depending on their budget. We fix any code errors on the website and do corrections for titles, descriptions and meta-data all in the first month. After that point we create content on the topic we are trying to rank for. This content is unique, relevant to customers and hand-written by authors from the United States. All articles are at least 500 words long and cover the topic. We put that content on your website linking back to our target page, or on other websites linking back to those same pages. Over time, your website page is recognized by Google as being the most important source of information on that subject, and you rank on the first page as a result.

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