SEO is confusing for most people, and if you have not worked for an SEO company or owned one, you are probably relatively mystified by it. Lets say you run a small business that could benefit from Google rankings in your local area, a legitimate example might be a Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas who would benefit from being on the first page when someone Google’s “Mexican restaurant Las Vegas.” You probably know how to make a great burrito, but probably don’t have a clue about this SEO stuff.  You have a limited budget available that would be bigger if you could just get some increases in customers, so you are going to try and do this yourself. You know that you need a website so you get one for free on one of the sites that will do it for only a low monthly fee, and you begin the process of researching “how to do SEO.”  The information you find seems to be all over the place, with some people saying that you need to write content because “content is king,” and others saying that you need to put keywords into the titles in order to rank higher. You might actually go through the process of trying to learn how to do some of this stuff, and you might actually complete a few things. Then you notice that your rankings don’t go us any more than they had without doing anything, and so you get frustrated and you give up.

Businesses like ours specialize in doing SEO for small businesses just like yours. The strategy we use is not hard to understand, and we provide you with reports every month that show where you are currently ranking, how much traffic you have going to your website, and what work we did for the month. The way our strategies work is also easy to understand, we employ professional writer to create content that will be placed on your website, or on other websites that link back to you. Every one of these articles is at least 500 words long, and develops a concept that has something to do with the words you want to rank for. The articles on your website link back to a page that we want to rank higher, and the articles that are on other websites link back to the content we have created.  This creates a situation where Google views you as the authority on a topic, and pushes your rankings higher. That topic is the term we are targeting.

SEO for small businesses is necessary if you want to get higher rankings in your local area. Even the maps sections use the SEO on your website as one of the factors for rankings, so ultimately you are going to have to do something to move your current positions up. Our programs for small businesses are easy to afford, with our minimum program starting at $400 per month. The amount of work that is going to be necessary depends on how much competition there is, so doing a small amount of hours may not be enough work, but it will give us a gauge as far as how much work will be necessary to overtake your competition within a few months.  If we are not progressing up as expected for the amount of work that we are doing, then it will be necessary to increase that amount in order to get the job done. If we are progressing upward as expected, then we have picked the right amount of work. SEO for small business is not an exact science, so the amount of work that will produce results is an estimate until we can see how strongly the program performs.  These programs are competing only against other local businesses, so it is actually more affordable than you might expect, and can actually produce results if it is done right.

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