SEO For Tanning Salons

SEO For Tanning Salons

“If you build it they will come” is a common misconception about the internet. People believe that if they get a website for their business, the phone will automatically start ringing with new customers who want to buy your products and services. This misconception is furthered by companies on television talking about free websites through their service that automatically created new leads and cost almost nothing every month. The unfortunate part of this discussion is that a critical element is being left out, in the form of rankings on Google. You can build the best website ever, and if Google does not consider you an authority on a subject then you are not going to show up in the rankings for customers to see. The only people who call your business will be people who found your website some other way, like you handed them a card. Every month there are hundreds if not thousands of searches on the internet for businesses like yours, and the only ones getting clickthroughs are the ones who are on the first page of search engine results. Any other position except the first page is not going to provide you with business, because nobody clicks on those results.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process by which the code and content of a website is manipulated in a way that will make search engines understand that this website is the authority on a topic. That topic is the one that the website will show up in searches for. The way this is accomplished is through the creation of unique content about that topic that provides valuable information for customers. This content is positioned on specific pages of the website that are then optimized in the code to provide easier understanding of the topic by Google. These pages are then linked to from other pages on the site or other websites that also provide valuable information on that topic. Through these interconnected links, Google understands that websites that do not have all of the information on a topic link back to this particular website that does have all the information. This is how you convince a search engine that you are the authority on a topic. For the search “tanning salon near me” you must provide information on your website that is specific about the aspects of tanning and tanning salons, as well as information about the geographic area. Through this presentation on the website and with links to it, you can push rankings higher for searches in your area for “tanning salon.” The tanning industry is not unique in this aspect, and any business can be optimized using the same process. Only through this presentation of unique and valuable content on the topic of “tanning” are you going to be able to outrank the competing websites offering the same products and services in your area.

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