SEO Marketing For Vape Shops

How do you market your vape shop? There has been a huge issue with getting the word out about your shop since Google made the decision to eliminate the possibility of using PPC campaigns for anything that is potentially comparable to tobacco shops.  Google clearly states that “products designed to simulate tobacco smoking,” is not an acceptable advertising category, and as such you will not be able to use Google adwords to get positioned in searches that people do for vape shops in their area.  There are only two other online options available, SEO and social media.

While there is always advertising in industry magazines, the vape world now faces the same marketing challenges as cigarette manufacturers, even though the products are utterly different.  While we can debate all day long if they should or should not be allowed to advertise and if the products should be considered in the same light as smoking products, the fact of the matter is that it is a legal business to sell these products within certain restrictions, and as such the businesses need a method of letting potential customers know that they exist.  The demographic of vaping enthusiasts is generally younger and connected, which translates to the online mediums being the ones that are appropriate.  When limitations are placed on the very medium that the potential customers are using, alternative mechanisms must be found.

Search engine optimization for vape shops is challenging.  This is because the same issues that prevent marketing in paid search on Google also causes general limitations on the places that article marketing can take place.  There are only two components to SEO, onsite content and code manipulation and offsite link building.  Google looks at content on websites that have links embedded into it and considers the topic of the article as well as the general topic of the website itself.  SEO companies utilize these spaces where they can create content on a topic and post links into it in order to get Google to recognize the validity of the content on a specific website.  If we want Google to recognize content on our website as being about vaping, we create content on other websites about vaping and then link back to our content on our website.  There is really nothing more to the process than that, except for the fact that the content also must be more informative and important for readers than everyone else’s content.  The issue arises when the typical places where you can post articles with links will also not allow content on the subject of vaping in the same way the Google does.  This severely limits the places from which we can generate links, and we will typically have to create the majority of our SEO weight with onsite content itself.  This is going to mean that we are going to need lots of blog posts on our website that are very informative about the subject of vaping and the products that are involved.

Social media is the other legitimate source of marketing for vape shops.  Creating social media profiles is not enough, you are going to need continual engagement in order to keep your customers interested, and keep them spreading the word.  You are not going to be able to do paid search on Facebook either, so the amount of people you reach with your message is going to be decided by how much your followers ike it and are willing to share it.  You are going to need a social media plan, and you are going to need to execute that plan with regular posts on social media sites.

Se can help you with your SEO and social media for your vape shop.  We have experience in this space and have performed both services for clients successfully.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help get the word out for your business.

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