What seo ranking factors is Google looking for today?

SEO has changed a lot over the years, and the things that caused a website to gain rankings for targeted phrases in the past can actually get your site completely delisted today, if not just having no effect at all, no matter how much work you do. In the past, you concentrated on building as many ;links as you could and using the keywords as the anchor text in the links, so SEO companies exploited the weaknesses in blogs to create links in the signature lines or phrase rich links inside the posts if it were allowed. Automated programs like scrapebox allowed you to troll the internet looking for blogs that would allow for signature links, and then it would post to thousands of them with almost no work involved. Other tactics involved posting to blog networks, surrounded by wrapping text that was on the subject, but was being created specifically to place the link, which Google viewed as being bad. From keyword stuffing to phrase rich URLs to guest posting and reciprocal link schemes, Google has identified all of them and now created penalizations if they think you are doing them. The cardinal rule at this point is to avoid anything that looks specifically like you are trying to rank for something specific. Avoiding the ability to be identified is the new SEO.

So the question becomes, how do you rank then, if you can’t do any of the tactics of the past? What is Google looking for at this point that will make a site rank higher? Obviously something is making one site rank higher than another, so what is causing it? Google is looking for the same things they looked for in the past, only they are better at identifying the motivations behind it at this point. Google is looking for your website to provide the best quality of information on the subject that you are trying to rank for, and it does not want your motivation to simply be to gain more rankings. Google is looking for you to be providing that information to the public because you are an expert. Therefore, modern SEO is about creating the best quality information on your website, then getting other websites to link back to that content. The way that Google judges the quality of the content is the number of links to it from websites that have something to do with the same subject, so after creating the content you need to let other people know that it exists. This process is called “link-baiting” and it involves social bookmarking and sharing through social media, as well as the manual process of contacting other websites to let them know your content exists and asking them to link to it. The more involvement that you can generate from other websites going into your website, the higher your pages will rank for the phrases that you are targeting.So you can see that the process of SEO is no longer the automated style of the past, and in order to rank you are now going to need to actually work to get those higher placements. Companies like ours follow this process for you, creating content and baiting links in order to push your rankings higher. There is no black magic or tricks that we employ, we simply write content using trained writers familiar with the seo process, and then we contact other websites for links to that content.

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