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Why “Las Vegas SEO,” “Las Vegas search engine optimization,” “Las Vegas SEO company” and “Las Vegas search engine optimization company” are all very different.

Why “Las Vegas SEO,” “Las Vegas search engine optimization,” “Las Vegas SEO company” and “Las Vegas search engine optimization company” are all very different.

Every Las Vegas SEO is interested in building the amount of business they gain from Google, Yahoo and Bing. As a matter of fact, every search engine optimization company is interested in developing their rankings for these types of terms, due to the fact that it not only gets them potential business, but also proves that they are better at what they do than their competition. What better way to compare companies that do search engine optimization in a local environment than seeing whose own website ranks highest. It seems like it proves that they are the best, or at least they would have you believe that when their salesman calls you.

When you look at Google rankings for phrases like “Las Vegas SEO” and all of the variations of it, the salesman that you are talking to is going to tell you that his firm is the best because they have the #1 position for a phrase like it. They have developed a strategy to rank for a particular term, and use it to prove the value of thier service. However, what customers must know is that not all terms are created equal, and rarely is a company going to rank #1 for all of them. In our local situation here in Las Vegas, we chose not to target the phrase “Las Vegas SEO” and instead chose to focus our efforts on “Las Vegas SEO company.” You can see from checking the rankings that we rank higher for “Las Vegas SEO company” than we do for “Las Vegas SEO.” This is because we have found through research that more people searching for the generic term “SEO” are looking for information on how the process is done, and more people searching for “SEO company” are looking to hire a firm to do it for them. With that knowledge, we decided to put our efforts into the phrase that would more probably convert into customers “Las Vegas SEO company.” While many salesmen will use the fact that we do not outrank them for “Las Vegas SEO” or some other variation in order to attemtp to prove why they are better, it must be stated that good search engine optimization work targets specific phrases, and pushes up rankings for the purpose of gaining new business, not just to say you rank for a certain phrase.

On the same hand, the phrase “Las Vegas search engine optimization” is not the same as “Las Vegas search engine optimization company.” They are no more the same than the term “seo company” and “search engine optimization company,” and are also not the same as “Las Vegas SEO.” While all this may seem confusing, the point to be learned is that a good search engine optimization company uses a focused strategy that does not try to rank for every term, but instead researches the terms and phrases that are going to develop into business for the client. Ranking for the sake of ranking may look good on the surface, but when no customers convert from the traffic that is gained, the strategy is a failure.

Look for an seo company that understands keyword research, and has a proven track record of getting the results they are targeting. If your soe company is not located in Las Vegas, simply replace our city with your local one, and do the same research. Also, keep in mind that the location of the seo company is not relevant to their ability to succeed for your business. Good seo companies can do local search engine optimization for any city or region.

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For good SEO companies, this year is all that matters.

For good SEO companies, this year is all that matters.

Every day, thousands of people search on Google for the term “seo companies” or “seo company.” These are either people searching for employment within seo companies, people trying to sub-contract seo services, or people attempting to find a new company to do their seo. In this article, we are only going to be discussing the last group, the owners and managers of businesses who are looking to hire an seo company to do search engine optimization and other online marketing services for their company. The research in finding a good quality firm who can produce results with regards to rankings on search engines can be very frustrating, as there are no real certifications or unbiased reviews of companies that will give you a clue as to who does good work and who does not. With respect to research, all you can really do is ask other business owners who they use and who they are satisfied with, trust reviews online as to the source, or look over the websites of companies that rank themselves on Google for “seo companies” or “seo company.” If you are looking for a firm that is physically local to your business, you are going to want to modify your search to filter results from your city by searching for something like “Las Vegas seo companies.” This modification will give you more targeted results of companies that are only local in your area, and may or may not offer search engine optimization services outside the local area.

As far as narrowing your search down to a few companies to contact, you are going to need to go on gut feelings for a lot of your choices. All seo companies are going to say pretty much the same things on their websites, and are going to offer the same services. The question is how to tell who is actually good at providing results and who is not, so as to make a better decision. If you are deciding based upon price, and your industry is competitive, you are probably not going to get good results. SEO is like most things, if you are charged a cheap price it is probably because the quality is lacking. SEO companies are going to show you their portfolios of work, and talk about their successful campaigns where they took businesses from obscurity into the top three results. They are going to show you case studies about how well their programs worked. Ask yourself, and the salesman, when these results were delivered. In the seo world, search engines are constantly getting better at filtering out the results of websites that are not the best, and use tricks to get rankings instead of concentrating on quality. The most aggressive change made recently in this regard is Google’s Panda update, which literally removed 15% of websites from their index that were low quality or cheating to get rankings. All seo companies who were employing strategies for their clients that are not based upon content and quality saw their clients disappear from the index overnight, and probably had a lot of explaining to do the next day.

For an accurate assessment of a quality seo company, you need to look at the results that they have gained for their clients over the last 12 months, and no more. Anything that worked more than a year ago is probably not nearly as relevant today, and many of the techniques that worked over a year ago will no longer deliver any results at all. If the company you are considering shows you examples from more than 12 months ago, it is probably because recent Google changes have made their only successes happen back then, and not since.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

We influence traffic and shape their experience.


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Services offered by seo companies.

What services do the best SEO companies offer?

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Focus Internet Services is more than just any seo company, and offers far more than the usual services of seo companies. We are a full service Internet marketing company that will assist and lead the process in use of the Internet to transform your business. We offer the most innovative and  best seo services.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Best SEO services available
  • Best SEO techniques from SEO leaders
  • SEO copywriting for websites
  • SEO link building for websites
  • Onpage SEO optimization techniques
  • Offpage SEO optimization techniques
  • SEO analysis and strategy

Internet Marketing

  • 12 month end to end Internet marketing solutions for business
  • A program that grows exponentially each month over the previous
  • A comprehensive SEO program that drives traffic to your site that is meaningful
  • Social media campaigns that promotes your brand and builds your business community
  • Web design statistically proven to boost sales through improved conversions
  • Additional SEO services as necessary

Video Optimization

  • Online video marketing for the modern web
  • Video SEO services and video optimization techniques
  • YouTube marketing for effective business
  • Viral video marketing and video advertising for business
  • Video metrics and reporting for tracking

Local Search Optimization

  • Local search marketing for business
  • Local SEO services for business
  • Local internet marketing strategies for business
  • Google Places, Bing and Yahoo optimization for business
  • Local Reviews and reputation management
  • Reporting and analysis from local SEO experts in the field

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media strategies for buisness
  • Social media optimization for business
  • Facebook marketing for business
  • Twitter marketing for business
  • Viral marketing for business
  • Social media services and social media tools for business
  • Exposure on top social media sites for business

Conversion Improvement

  • Website conversion rate optimization for companies
  • Landing pages that convert for companies
  • Best practices for landing page design and landing page optimization
  • Conversion optimization consulting for companies
  • Split testing for companies
  • Conversion rate experts are on staff
  • Increased conversion rate for companies

Mobile Marketing

  • Mobile advertising for companies
  • Mobile SEO services and mobile SEO marketing for companies
  • Mobile phone marketing for companies
  • Mobile SEO web design for companies

Reputation Management

  • Reputation management experts are on staff
  • Brand management consulting for companies
  • Brand marketing for companies
  • Additional SEO services for companiess needed

Pay Per Click Advertising

  • SEM consulting and SEO reporting for companies
  • Search engine marketing strategies for companies
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) setup and Pay Per Click management for companies
  • Pay Per Click advertising expertise on staff
  • Additional PPC advertising and PPC services for companies
  • Landing Pages designed to convert
  • Comparison shopping engines by experts
  • Call tracking for companies

Email Marketing

  • Internet marketing review & strategy session for companies
  • Email marketing design and creation for companies
  • Account setup for companies
  • Branding for companies
  • Copywriting for companies
  • Conversion best practices for companies
  • Email marketing campaign execution for companies
  • Reporting and consulting for companies

Brand Development

  • SEO marketing for companies
  • SEM marketing for companies
  • Social media marketing for companies
  • Video marketing for companies
  • Video marketing for companies
  • Conversion marketing for companies
  • Mobile marketing for companies
  • Brand marketing for companies
  • Email marketing for companies

Internet Marketing Collateral

  • Best SEO services for companies
  • SEM services for companies
  • Social media marketing for companies
  • Video marketing for companies
  • Video marketing for companies
  • Conversion marketing for companies
  • Mobile marketing for companies
  • Brand marketing for companies
  • Email marketing for companies

Strategic Services

  • Customized for your company’s specific needs as necessary
  • Internet marketing solutions for companies
  • Get found online through our services
  • Connect with new prospects through our services
  • Leverage your existing client base through our services
  • Conversion more traffic into sales through our services

Your marketing needs “focus”…

We influence traffic and shape their experience.

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Search engine optimization should be part of your business plan

Search engine optimization should be part of your business plan.

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Too many companies forget about search engine optimization as part of their advertising and marketing plans. The business decides that it needs to adverrtise to gain more exposure, puts together a marketing plan and a website, but leaves out the single largest exposure mechanism on the internet, search engine optimization. Probably due to a lack of understanding of how Google works, many businesses assume that the rankings that are achieved by having a website are the rankings that they are stuck with, and do not further research the process of sculpting the online presence in order to boost those rankings up. Generally, Google will push more than fifty percent of the traffic to a website that is unoptimized, that traffic coming through searches for the business name itself. That percentage can be significantly improved with new traffic that is more generalized, an d based upon searches for the types of things that the business provides. The searches that are for your business name are already your customers, as they already know something about you. The true building of new business through the internet comes when you begin to expose yourself to potential customers who know nothing of you, but are looking for answers that you provide in the form of products and services. Only search engine optimization programs can manipulate your rankings for those generic searches, and get your business to be presented to those potential customers.

A fine tuned advertising plan will utilize each medium to gain new customers. Building the website without ongoing SEO is like building the car and not putting gas into the tank.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

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Why flash websites are not good for seo

Why flash websites are not good for seo, and other reasons not to have a flash website.

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Many times clients will request a “flash based website design” or a “flash site.” We always discourage the use of flash as the entire structure of a website, and instead attempt to utilize it only sparingly, due to the limitations and problems that it has. Quite simply, there is nothing wrong with using a flash website structure if your project is for no purpose except for branding your business, and the only people who will be viewing it will be in a controlled environment that you are present. As soon as you allow people to view the site on their own, or are using the site for more than a purpose of “being cool looking,” the problems begin to arise.

Google itself discourages the use of flash on websites. This is due to the fact that Google has problems understanding the content of a flash website and will probably not fully index the site for the proper terms that are associated with the information contained on it. This is due to flash being essentially a movie running within a window. Google can understand only text and code, and must use text and code to make decisions as to the purpose of this website. If all Google can see is a movie window, and the small amount of code associated with the window, it then knows absolutely nothing about what is actually happening in the movie, and therefore cannot index the website for the content that you have placed in the movie format. If the site is about selling a product, Google has no way of knowing what the product is, how it is used, or any other information. All Google can see is that there is a movie running on this website. As far as search engine optimization goes, it is far from the best scenario. Good search engine optimization companies are in the business of creating the best scenario for Google to understand what is going on in the site, and limiting the amount of information that it can read just makes the job more difficult.

As a client, you must weigh the pros and cons of flash in order to make an informed decision as to its use. Please review the following lists to see if a flash website is what is right for your project.

Pros of Flash:

1. Artistic display. It gives you the ability to control text display, colors, music and motion in a way that HTML websites cannot.

2. Branding. It has the ability to immerse the user in a dynamic experience that cannot be gained with regular website code.

Cons of Flash:

1. Flash is not able to be read at all on many devices, like iphones or any handheld device made by Apple. This is due to the fact that Apple devices do not include a flash reader.

2. Although Flash is able to be understood by many browsers, there are equal amounts that cannot read it.

3. Load times of Flash websites are significantly larger than seo optimized websites that are coded in HTML. This will cause longer times that the potential viewer is waiting for the site to load in.

4. Images cannot be saved on flash sites by viewers. While this prevents honest viewers from saving your content, it also discourages the sharing of your content with others. This supposed protection is not worth the detriments because there are ways to capture images from flash, and if someone wants to do it they still can.

5. Scrolling is problematic in flash.

6. Keystrokes do not function properly in flash.

7. Searching text within the content almost never works in most browsers.

8. Check boxes and radio buttons do not function properly in flash.

9. Flash elements are not scalable, so if it is not properly sized for the device it is being viewed on, the viewer will only see part of the content.

10. Flash requires more resources to run than HTML. It is very problematic in Linux.

11. It is an seo killer. If you need to have indexing on search engines, flash will not provide the results you need.

Although flash does have certain uses for branding, it is far better to experiment with limited use on sites within small portions, and allow the rest of the site to exist in standard code language that can be understood. This will allow for the site to be viewed without issue on the majority of devices and browsers, without severely limiting the message that is gained by the viewer. Simply, if the majority of people can’t see it, then don’t use it.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

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What is the value of a rank position on Google?

What is the value of a rank position on Google?

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Most business owners understand that there is a value to being in the first position when a person searches for your products or services. The majority of those business owners are thinking about the position from a “branding” standpoint, that people are going to believe that the number one ranked business is better than the number two ranked business, and therefore patronize the business in the number one position more. However, there is an added discussion in this regard that also addresses why search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and is not finished after you have gained a good position. Statistical click-through rates are of crucial importance to your traffic to your website, and ultimately the amount of business that is gained from the internet.

When a person sees your brand name positioned over another brand name in the organic results that Google has given them, they assume that your business is better than theirs. At that point, they have been given exposure to your brand name, and will probably remember it when they are ready to purchase whatever it is that you sell. This is the same theory in all advertising; you pay for the most prime spots and get the most business as a result. The beginning of the magazine is better than the end of the magazine. The billboards on heavy-traffic streets are better than those in the middle of nowhere. Getting people to see your brand more than your competitors is what advertising is all about. There is the special case of search engines, however, that is that people are actually looking for something right now in order to see the results they are given. This makes positions on search engines even more crucial than traditional advertising, because the group that is seeing your “advertisement” is in the purchasing process at this moment. They have asked for a third party (Google) to tell them who is offering what they want to buy. Being seen as the top result by Google translates to being seen as the top result by the public. This is the branding aspect of the top positions on search engines. However, the rates of click-through to different positions are based on more than just trust. Click-through rates are also based on laziness on the part of the public. Think about it like this, if you were to ask a friend to give you some recommendations of tanning salons in your area, and you provided them with a list of every tanning salon that has a business license, then your next question would be “but which ones are the best ones?” This is because you are looking not only for information on the service and who provides it, but also for someone to do your research for you and make your life easier. You are looking to use their experience as a guide to narrow your choices down to a few that you can compare yourself. This mentality is crucial with regards to search positioning. People have looked to Google as that friend they are asking for advice, and have assumed that Google has provided both the entire list as well as the ordered list of the best, which is presented on the first few pages. They also assume that the first few results are the best, and statistically choose from them. The question for marketers is “how important is the number one position over the number two position,” because getting into the number one position is harder than getting into the number two position. A great seo company is going to need more time, effort, and ultimately money to have your site reach that number one position than simply getting you into the first page, or first few results. The question that clients are asking is “how much more is the top position worth over the lower positions? Should I invest the extra money to get to the top position, and should I keep investing money to stay there?”

Every year, research companies study click-through rates on search engine results. The latest studies have shown some dramatic information being revealed, like the fact that the number one position on Google is clicked on 36.4% of the time. The number two position is clicked on 12.5% of the time. This means that if 100 people search for your product in a day, you can statistically expect 36 of those people to click through the result and land on your website, where the real information about why they should use you over your competition exists. If you are in the number two position, you can expect only about 12 people to click through. From there, the numbers drop dramatically, falling most significantly after the number six position, where is the point when most people have to begin scrolling down to see more results on their computer. Keep in mind, we are dealing with laziness here, and asking them to do something as simple as scrolling down will filter some people out of the equasion.Here are the actual click-through statistics below:

Position 1: 36.4% of the click-throughs

Position 2: 12.5% of the click-throughs

Position 3: 9.5% of the click-throughs

Position 4: 7.9% of the click-throughs

Position 5: 6.1% of the click-throughs

Position 6: 4.1% of the click-throughs

Position 7: 3.8% of the click-throughs

Position 8: 3.5% of the click-throughs

Position 9: 3.0% of the click-throughs

Position 10: 2.2% of the click-throughs

Position 11: less than 1% of the click-throughs

As you can see, from position number twelve on, there is no real difference between not being listed at all on Google, and the amount of traffic you will gain from your position. If your conversion rate is 2%, then you can see that in order to get more customers you need to drive more traffic, and the position you have gained on search engines like Google is the determining factor in most cases. Most of our clients show traffic rates coming from Google alone at more than 60% of all traffic to the website. Basically, you can plug your own figures into this math equasion to figure if it is worth it to drive twice as much traffic to the website of not. That is the difference between being number one, number two, or not even being seen when people are looking for your products and want to buy them.


Your marketing needs “focus”…

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Wynn Website Design

Is simplistic website design better?

by Raymond Santopietro Google

About three years ago I had a meeting with a marketing representative from The Wynn Casino and Resort regarding their social media programs. At the time, Facebook was just starting to be able to be utilized by businesses in an effective manner, and Twitter was being discussed as the next big thing in advertising. At the time, The Wynn wanted to utilize social media to create new revenue, mostly judged by how many additional rooms they could book by putting effort into different mediums. During the discussion, I talked to them about social media not being every effective as push marketing, and if you attempt to simply use it to give room information and coupons, then it will not be very effective. How many people do you know who will be happy about tuning in to a constant commercial? How many people will continue watching if there is nothing but commercials? Social media is the same thing, and you are going to need to invest in engagement, putting sales second. The Wynn did not understand this, and insisted on focusing on how many rooms we could predict will be booked through each platform, instead of a content development strategy. As I left, I tweeted “The Wynn will never be able to use social media effectively, their people just don’t understand how it works.” A few days later I got an email from another person at The Wynn who held a higher position than the person I had met with. They wanted to know why I would say this, because they had heavily invested in social media. I let them know that social media works differently than other forms of marketing, and the proof was the fact that they had just contacted me…..

The Wynn seems to be behind in the times with regards to understanding the concepts involved in online marketing. This is not an attack on their marketing teams, because most large corporations are actually behind in the times in this regard. The need for “provability” keeps experimentation in new mediums at a minimum until they are shown to work, and by that point the internet community is usually so saturated with other companies using the platform that the messages become diluted and ignored. The internet success stories are always involving the ones lean enough to make a decision while a platform is still untapped, and therefore being fully developed when it explodes. Marketing concepts online are in constant flux, and staying up to speed is the job of a great internet company.

The Wynn recently redesigned their website. A redesign was in order because there were many mistakes on the old site, made by attempting to over-reach into the technological end of the web without considering the customers. This was common a few years ago, when companies invested tens of thousands of dollars into flash design, creating websites that looked visually stunning but were very problematic because the users couldn’t load or navigate them properly. Flash was great for branding, and terrible for everything else including search engine rankings. Today, many companies are knee-jerking back to more basic coding on websites in order to be functional, but the Wynn has actually gone beyond the point of just creating a more streamlined code structure and allowed design to be compromised. Creating more basic websites does not mean that you have to create a site that looks like it was designed twenty years ago, and additionally to compensate for the very bland nature of the design the Wynn has decided to utilize nearly full screen video to explain the navigation of the site. The video itself slows down the load time, thus completely destroying any gains that were to be had by the layout compromise.

While there are obvious cues as to the strategy behind the redesign, like the use of giant type so as to allow those elderly or with visual problems to be able to easily see the information and the sue of easy buttons to see, more is lost than gained because it seems that they allowed these strategies to dominate their thought process when designing. It takes four clicks to finally land on many important sections, and it is as if the designers were thinking that to keep the front page clean it is fine to bury the conversions because people are searching for it. Nobody seems to have taken into consideration that there is a minimum of a 25% failure rate every time someone is asked to click something on a site. By the fourth click, you can assume the majority of your people have been lost. These types of mistakes are found throughout the website, and the online community is criticizing the website harshly.

While the next move is up to the marketing team at the Wynn, redesign the website again or try to fix the problems that currently exist, I can say that they will probably react slowly, or potentially not at all, because they may not even be reading the criticisms that are flooding blogs and social media worldwide. After all, they do not seem to be very good at understanding the strategy behind internet marketing….

This is not meant to criticize the Wynn team for their website. It is simply meant to inform them that they might need to look at it a little deeper, and that it could be working a lot better for them.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

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Is SEO different for each search engine?

Is SEO different for each search engine?

by Raymond Santopietro Google

There are three major search engines that are in play when a top seo company is discussing search engine optimization. Rankings (at least from the client’s point of view) only serve a few purposes, to brand your business as better than your competition because you are shown above them on search engine results, and to drive customers to the website by having them find you in the results that are displayed when they search for something you sell. Both the purposes are actually the same, which is ultimately to make more money for the business through sales. The search engine optimization companies job is to determine the best way to make this happen, and not just concentrate on rankings but additionally on sensible rankings that will convert into sales. What this means is that it is the job of the seo company to decide the best path for the client, as the client really doesn’t understand how this all works. They know they want rankings and ultimately sales, but they usually do not understand how that is achieved. This is the job of the seo company, to explain the process to the level of understanding that the client desires. If they do not want to know about what makes rankings happen, then it is the seo company’s job to simply map out the best path to sales. If they want to be involved and understand the process, then it is the seo firms job to explain what is happening and why.

For sake of discussion, let’s assume that everyone understands the the closer to number one you rank on a search engine, the better the traffic levels will be for that term. For information on how much traffic a position on a search engine can bring, refer to our article on the value of a top Google position. In this discussion, we understand that the closer to number one we are on the search engine results, the more traffic will click through to the website. The first job of the seo company is to decide if it is worth the hours spent working for the client to rank for a term. Basically, a very specific search term will have very little traffic that actually searches for it, and as a result the number one position might still drive almost no traffic to the website. The seo company must research the terms that people actually search for, and assess how hard it is for this website to rank for that term aside how much potential traffic it can bring. If there are only an average of fifty monthly searches on Google for a specific term, then the absolute most average clicks through to the website is fifty, and it is more realistically a percentage far less. Seo companies need to create a list of terms that describes your products accurately, and then decide which words are able to be achieved as far as rankings. The thing to remember for a client is that YOU CANNOT RANK FOR EVERYTHING. There are limited amounts of space on the website that we can work with, and Google is going to pick other websites for other words. Our job as your seo company is to get you rankings for the best words with the most traffic. For example, if you wanted to rank for the term “Halloween costumes” because that is what you sell, and there is a lot of competition for these terms from other businesses, then there is a good chance that you are going to rank for “Halloween costumes” but not necessarily rank in the same position for “Halloween costume.” The plural version is considered very similar, however it is not EXACTLY the same term, and therefore a website optimized better for the one term is going to outrank websites optimized better for the other. The trick is to pick the term that has more traffic and work towards that one, if the competition is not so high that you have no chance. The amount of monthly searches for the singular version may be hundreds of thousands more than the plural version, and thus the work should be applied to the one with more traffic. This is the job of the seo company to explain to you why they are doing certain things, and it is your job as the client to decide if their decisions are right for your program.

Google indexes websites differently than Yahoo and Bing. Google puts more relevance on the content of the website and Yahoo and Bing put more emphasis on the words or theme of the site. Google puts more emphasis on inbound links form other websites than Yahoo and Bing. Essentially, there are different elements in play here that are going to produce different results on each engine, and it is the job of the seo company to make good choices as to how to achieve the most rankings and the most traffic. In a nutshell, searches on Google are more prevalent than searches on Yahoo or Bing, simply because more people use Google than Yahoo or Bing. Therefore, the best idea for a seo company is to optimize the website and program if Google rankings are able to be achieved within the client’s budget, and optimize for Yahoo or Bing if it is decided that Google rankings are impossible. This is just being practical. There is far more traffic on Google, but the rankings are more difficult. A number five position on Google may be worth the same as a number one position on Yahoo simply because more people use Google. It is the job of the seo company to make practical decisions for you.

We recently did an experiment where we put a website up with no search engine optimization attached of any kind, as a matter of fact we purposely did things that we know will hurt rankings like having almost no content and broken internal links. The theme of the website would make rankings desirable for a very competitive set of terms, with a lot of traffic involved. After sitting there with no traffic for about three months, we suddenly noticed increased traffic coming from each engine. After five months, we noticed even more traffic coming from each engine. This proves that the physical age of the website itself is a factor on all three engines as far as rankings for a term. However, that is where the similarities stopped. Google only ranked the website on the first page of results for a single term that was a near exact match to the URL itself. Yahoo and Bing ranked the website far higher for the same searches, obviously putting more emphasis on the value of exactly matching the URL to the search term. As a matter of fact, Yahoo and Bing placed the website at number two for the term, even though there was no supporting content to justify that it was a good source of content for this theme. The titles and descriptions came into play to various degrees, but the lack of content and the amount of penalizing factors drove the Google listing down, without having an effect on the Yahoo and Bing listings.

Our experiment continues now as we have begun optimization efforts for the website. By following a plan to capture rankings on Google for the same terms that we already rank high for on Yahoo and Bing, we should see traffic increase beyond the level it currently sits. There is a good chance that we will lose rankings on Yahoo and Bing as we improve on Google. To be informed as to the ongoing progress of this experiment, join our mailing list by sending us an email.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

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Are less expensive seo companies worth it?

Are less expensive seo companies worth it?

by Raymond Santopietro Google

One of the most common questions we get asked is why we cost more than other seo companies. The best way to answer this question is to make sure that the person asking understands what is involved in search engine optimization, and make sure that they understand that the level of effort that is put into the project is what dictates the level of success. When you get an offer that seems very inexpensive next to other offers, you must ask yourself why is the offer so cheap, as opposed to why are the others so expensive.

When you are involved in search engine optimization as a career, you set a price for yourself to work hourly for someone else. When a business is involved in search engine optimization, they also set a price that they must make per hour in order to make a profit. How can one company offer a service at such a dramatically lower price than another? The answer is in the level of quality, or the amount of hours worked. This is where many business owners fail to understand exactly what is being provided to them, and many times end up going with a cheaper proposal that they assume is the same service as the more expensive ones. This is almost never true.

There are only a few aspects of search engine optimization that have any impact whatsoever on your rankings. The code of the website and the structure of that code, the content on the website itself, the inbound links into the website, and a certain amount of social bookmarking and social media. We can look at each of these aspects to see how seo companies cheapen the service in order to offer a price that is lower than their competitors. What you have to understand as a business owner is how successful the program will be when you are using these inexpensive methods.

The code on the website must be clean and easily read by search engines. If the website is already structured correctly, there may only need to be a minimal amount of code changes to the title and description tags in order to make an impact. There are also some other aspects of meta-data and code that come into play, but if a website does not need completely redesigned then the seo company is literally coming in and rewriting the title and description tags on each page of the site. They make sure they are unique and appropriate, but this is actually not a very difficult process. The difficulty comes in later as the progress is analyzed and the tags are tweaked to be more and more effective. If the company plans to simply do it once then never redo it for better performance, then you are not getting the best service you can. The amount of time spent on analysis and tweaking is going to be dictated by how many hours the company works for you. If they plan on only working five hours in order to continue making a profit, then you get five hours of analysis and tweaking. If ten hours are necessary for you to outrank your competition, you are not going to succeed.

Content is necessary for your website to be viewed by Google as an authority on a subject. The content you are reading right now is proving to Google that our website is an authority on search engine optimization. The strategy is to continually develop new and fresh content, and post it to your website. The content cannot be copied from another website or you will be slapped with a “duplicate content penalty” which literally pushes you backward in the rankings. You have no way of knowing that you are being penalized without continual analysis, and your position in search is effected by many things, including content. In a nutshell, it is better to have no content at all then try to steal someone else’s. The amount of content that is necessary is based upon the amount of seo work that your competition has done. In a competitive industry where there are many websites that are well optimized, the amount of content necessary is generally “as much as possible.” If we are writing content for you, and it takes a certain amount of hours to write each piece, then you are either going to get a limited amount of content each month, or are going to get content that is produced by writers that are paid less. The less quality the content, the less effect it has on rankings. Many firms use writers who are in other countries in order to develop content that is a certain number of words long, but is lacking in the quality that a native English speaking writer can produce. Google looks for broken-English as a flag that the content is being produced overseas, and discounts it as less powerful. So, the content you produce may be lower quality, and as a result the rankings will be lower. Our firm uses English-speaking writers who are trained in writing specifically for internet presentation, and as a result we have to pay them more.

Links and link programs can no longer be automated, and link programs will now get a website penalized. It is better to have no links at all then links from bad quality websites. When a firm tells you that you are going to get links from thousands of websites, you can believe them, but take into consideration the bad quality links penalize your rankings more than no links do. Just because you can get onto thousands of websites does not help your rankings. Getting links from very high-quality websites is what helps rankings. There is no way to automate the process. Our strategy is to create superior content then ask high quality websites to link to it, that simple. What many people do not understand is that thousands of low quality links are still not worth a single high-quality link when it comes to rankings. Once again, the cheap method of doing it actually works against you.

Hopefully, this will provide a bit of information as to the differences in seo companies. The ones offering cheap prices are the ones who provide results that are not equivalent to better firms. You, as a customer, have no way of knowing how well your project COULD HAVE done, if you use a cheaper firm. You do not know if you are being penalized, you do not know if they are working one hour or hiring low-quality content writers. You do not know if the links they are providing are permanently harming your rankings. We do things the hard way, because Google likes quality and rewards websites that produce quality work. We are more expensive than others, as a result, but the results you will get are worth it.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

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Starting an SEO Company

Starting an SEO Company

by Raymond Santopietro Google

Starting an seo company can be a very tricky business in that you need to source labor for all of the elements that will be necessary to provide value for your clients, and most people do not understand search engine optimization. There are several elements that you will need to find employees to do, first and foremost the writing of seo friendly content that will be perceived as meaningful to search engines, thus moving the clients websites to the top of the list. Additionally, you will need to find people who understand how to track rankings, and watch to see if code changes are making a difference over time to the rankings of the clients site. Lastly, you will need to find designers who understand that they are not just designing websites to be good looking, but have a greater purpose of being found on search engines in order to make sales for the client.

Your marketing needs “focus”…

We influence traffic and shape their experience.

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