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Is One Seo Company Better Than Another?

If you are comparing one seo company against another, the things you must look at are sheer effectiveness across the client list, as well as how long it took to achieve the goals that were specified. Except for the potential using of techniques that are outside of the scope of what is allowed by search engines, the only thing you need to worry about as far as one seo company versus another is the actual achievement of the goals they were contracted to work towards. SEO is different in every case, and the types of work that must be done for one client will almost always be different for another client. Additionally, the effectiveness of the program will have more to do with how well the company can figure out how to adapt to the competitive landscape than the actual specific tasks involved in the daily work. This is because SEO programs are designed to boost rankings among competition, not just build links or create content.

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Do You Need a Las Vegas Seo Company?

The question of if your business needs a Las Vegas seo company to get your business exposure on the internet through search engines is really one of comfort and convenience. You can hire any company that does search engine optimization to help with your website, as the internet itself is not geographically organized, but the convenience of in-person meetings and the ability of the agency to understand the ins and outs of Las Vegas and the business community inside it is equally important. If you feel that there is no necessity to ever meet the people working on your project, then consider that they may need a specialized knowledge of the Las Vegas community in order to show an understanding of what makes the citizens unique. This is very important to local businesses that do not service tourists as their main demographic, as the locals can easily pick out the advertisements that are not for them.

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Hiring the Best Las Vegas Seo Company You Can Afford

There is an old saying that “you get what you pay for.” This is especially true with regards to businesses based in Las Vegas with regards to search engine optimization. The golden rule is that you need to hire the best Las Vegas seo company that you can afford if you are going to get your money’s worth, because if you try to save money on the services you are probably not going to get the kinds of results that will help your business grow. One sad fact is that the less time that is spent creating content and links, the less effective the program will be at achieving better rankings. This needs to be understood by clients that believe they can get the same service for cheaper. In reality, the amount of hours needs to be the same, and all you can really negotiate is the hourly rate that will be charged, at least if you are going to not completely waste your money.

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The Best Seo Company Understands Local Search

If you are a business that has a physical address in a city, then it is very important for your seo company to understand local search, and how it is different than the global versions. It is important to rank for keywords, but if you are driving traffic from the internet into a local business, then you do not need to rank all over the country for the targeted words. Instead, you really only need to rank in the local environment, and be seen by people in that area. Google has gone to great lengths to make sure that local businesses are represented when someone searches using a city, but it will also present local businesses when someone searches for a word from within a local area. What needs to be kept in mind is that most people still search using the city to modify the search, and that needs to be taken into consideration by the company handling the seo.

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Should You Keep Your Seo in House?

There is nearly no way for you to do seo yourself, and get the same kinds of results that a professional seo company is going to get. The main reason behind this fact isn’t not that a professional company is any smarter than you, or is going things that you do not have access to. Instead, the usual reason that professional search engine companies do so much better is dedication. We have seen more than a few clients who say they are going to perform seo services themselves, and they usually do a good job for about a week or so, until they realize that it is actually work that needs to get done on a continual basis if it is going to have any effect at all. This discourages many business owners, who then stop doing the work and hope that what they have done will continue to grow. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

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Reputation Microsite Marketing

Brand Protection Through Microsite Marketing Techniques

The necessity for protection of established brands from negativity and slander in online mediums has reached a critical state. It has become commonplace that anyone with access to the internet can cause major damage to a brand through posting on social media websites, or within testimonial spaces. As these types of “referrals” grow in popularity due to their accessibility, the effective management of negativity towards a brand becomes more critical.

A pattern of perceived negativity towards a brand comes with customer volume. As customers are ten times more likely to create negative commentary online than they are to create positive commentary, businesses who deal with large volumes of customers have a propensity to have their image shift toward a negative perception over time. The longer that these types of businesses are active, the more negativity will pile up within online spaces, being countered only by the periodic “good review” that customers are so much less likely to write. Additionally, since these spaces are not vetted for accuracy, they become easy targets for “slander campaigns” where rival businesses attempt to tear down the reputation of a larger competitor by saturating the spaces with negative reviews that are created by individuals within the competing business or marketing firms specialized in this form of attack. Either way, the damage is generally done to larger businesses who are easy targets.

Focus Internet Services has developed a unique approach to reversing the damaging effects of social media, designed to both hide the current negativity from public sight as much as possible as well as systematically change the tone towards positivity. This program involves “microsite marketing,” search engine optimization, video marketing and social interaction programs. The specific elements of each program are individual, and based upon the assessment of the nature of the damage, the source and the sheer volume.

The most effective brand management programs will involve elements of each strategy, beginning with “microsite marketing” and search engine optimization. In order to combat the tidal wave of negative commentary that will be found on many popular “testimonial websites” like Yelp, Insider Pages and other social media spaces, our strategy is to limit access to the discussion as much as possible through search engine optimization techniques. This entails burying the rankings of these websites when a potential customer searches on Google for the business name. Usually, a search for a business name will bring back a first-place position for the company website, followed closely by Yelp pages or other social media spaces where negative comments are positioned. This is due to the natural patterns of search engine optimization, where websites that contain large amounts of information about a business rank high on the results. The strategy to combat this phenomenon is to create as many microsites as is necessary to push the Yelp results off of the first page, each microsite involving aspects of the business and an individual search engine optimization program. Our goal is to create individual websites that each deal with a single aspect of the business and expand upon that aspect within the site. Through search engine optimization techniques involving content creation on that subject and social media seeding, we push these websites into first page positions for searches for the brand name, effectively pushing the negative review sites deeper and deeper into Google’s results. By hiding the access to these negative review spaces, a Google search for the brand name returns a message that we control.

Each individual microsite combines search engine optimization techniques and video marketing. Our expectation is that people will travel to the sites they see listed on Google results and receive quick and easy access to questions they have about the business, never going beyond the video presentation they immediately see when they land. This allows us to effectively control the messages in a way that is satisfying for potential customers while still building the volumes of text necessary for search engine optimization in areas that we do not expect customers to navigate to. This creates clean websites that answer customer questions while still ranking on search engines. Through this combination of methods, we are able to create websites that feed Google the information that is necessary for rankings while not creating a website that alienates customers.

The other aspects that should be approached simultaneously are management campaigns within the social media spaces themselves. By targeting the social media websites that rank on search engines for brand searches, we can reduce our work load to only the spaces that are found through the largest trafficked mediums (Google.) Instead of trying to find ALL negative comments, we concentrate on the spaces that are ranking on Google and deal with them alone. Within these spaces we do classic customer service management, responding to each and every comment in a way that builds trust in the brand to everyone reading them. We show good faith to all customers, and utilize negative chatter to actually convert new customers by publicly solving the common complaints that our customers vocalize.

Lastly, we also utilize programs to solicit positive reviews. The nature of each of these types of programs will be individual as we will be generally crafting the postings through actual interactions with customers ongoing. We create a continual program that utilizes the front line employees to solicit positive reviews of their experiences, thus changing the tone of the business within the public view over time.

For information about reputation management programs through Focus Internet Services, contact us directly at 702-997-1252.

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Its Hard to Find a Good Seo

We sympathize with you. It is really hard to choose the best SEO for your business, and the fact that there is no way of verifying who is good at seo and who isn’t makes the choice even harder. When you start a small business, every dollar counts and decisions are critical. The business can literally get put “out of business” by the wrong choice in advertising agency due to the fact that the costs associated with advertising are so high. Even worse, the costs associated with seo are both high and difficult to track for effectiveness. With a combination so dangerous in play, we can see why so many small businesses are very wary of seo companies. How can you possibly know one from the other, when the salesmen all use the same words and the portfolios of work all look the same? The easiest method is to simply choose the company you feel most comfortable with.

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How Much Seo Do You Need?

One question that we are constantly asked as a seo is “how much seo does my website need?” This is a difficult question to answer, because it literally depends on the competitiveness of the keywords and area you are trying to be positioned within. If there is no competition for the terms, then you probably need very little seo in order to gain top rankings, at least until your competition decides they would rather be in your position and hires an seo company of their own! If the market is highly competitive, then chances are that you are going to need to do a decent amount of work to get high rankings, and you are going to have to keep work going in order to keep any rankings that you have gained. If your competition is doing more, then you are going to lose your rankings once their level of work has passed yours.

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Why Do Seo on a Website?

If you have a website that drives traffic to your business, then you need to do seo in order to outrank your competition. Sometimes, seo is simply writing content for the site or building links into the site in order to push yourself up a bit in the search results. The problem is that the competition also would like to be in that position, and there is a good chance that they have hired a professional seo to do the things necessary to outrank you. The results are based on nothing but competition, and who is providing the best information on the site. The better the information, the higher the rankings. If the competition is providing better information and doing it in a more regular basis than you are, then they are going to outrank you unless you do the same level. If they hired an seo, then you need to hire a better one.

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Pick a Good Seo

It is very important for your business to pick the best seo that you can find. The reason it is so crucial is that an ineffective seo company not only costs you money because you are paying for something that is not producing result, but also because choosing the wrong company can actually harm you if they are not adhering to the best practices of search engine optimization. A company that does not correctly build links based upon new content on a website can harm your rankings by triggering penalties that Google puts on suspected websites who are producing links for the simple reason of rankings and nothing more. Google wants for you to produce content because you are the best at what you do, and are talking about it. They do not want you to be doing work for the simple reason of gaining higher rankings, this is why you must make a good choice of companies.

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