SEO is short for “search engine optimization.” This is the process of manipulating elements on your website, as well as creating content for your website in order to gain higher rankings on Google.  The process involves cleaning up any errors in code and also making sure the site is  mobile friendly. We create content that is placed on your website every month, or on other websites in order to build links back to your site.  These are the things that make higher rankings.

Bad SEO can create penalties and harm your rankings.  If you have experienced SEO penalties from another SEO company, please let us know.

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Website design is a critical function for gaining rankings.  Websites may be beautifully designed, but if they are not designed with SEO in mind then you are probably going to have difficulty ranking on search engines. Web Design For SEO is a specific process of designing the web site so that it will not only look great, but also be exactly what Google is looking for.

Websites that are designed without SEO in mind have difficulty ranking many times.  Make sure that your site is SEO COMPLIANT before spending money.

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Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a number of other platforms have become integrated into modern internet marketing, and can have an effect on SEO.  Social media marketing uses the power of social media to speak directly to customers individually, or as a group on a page.  We can handle all your social media for you, from setting it up to doing the daily posting.

Social media is far more than just creating a Facebook page.  You need a plan that will continually engage people or you are wasting your money.

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Video is the fastest growing medium online.  Youtube is the second largest search engine on earth.  Just plastering a commercial into a Youtube profile isn’t going to get many views. SEO for video is a process of creating engaging videos and then appropriately tagging and describing them in order to get them found in Youtube searches, as well as seeding them in other places.

Taking your last commercial and slapping it onto Youtube is not going to get you views.  You need a plan that will engage people so that they share it.

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The Right Tools. The Right Solution. Web Design.

Your website has to be designed in a way that will allow Google to understand it, and in a way that provides customers with information.  We design websites for SEO.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution. SEO.

SEO is the process of manipulating things on your website and offsite to make it rank higher.  Just leaving it sit isn’t going to make it move up.  You need to be proactive.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution. Social Media.

Putting a Facebook profile for your business together is only the first step.  You need to build an audince and engage with them continually.

Strategies To Help Your Business Get Seen

Your website is the face of your business.  It needs to be clean, function well and provide all the information necessary.  We build websites that are functional, get customers and rank on search engines.

Without ongoing SEO work, your website will stay in the same position that it is currently in.  Rankings are a competition between your site and theirs, the best ones are the first-page ones.

Social media is the process of continually engaging your audience on different platforms.  Every platform isn’t right for every business.  You need to understand your audience and speak to them.

Youtube is a huge platform for getting information to people.  Youtube videos are watched by millions of people.  Do you think that pasting a commercial into a channel is going to get more than a few views?

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off! 

Through SEO, Innovation & Sheer Determination