Social Media Is Not An Inexpensive Form Of Marketing

Social Media Is Not An Inexpensive Form Of Marketing

A good SEO company is going to look at the different mediums at their disposal to decide what is best for the client, and where is the best place to put money for advertising. One of the biggest mistakes is to assume that social media marketing is a good fit because it is “inexpensive.”

So many clients contact us asking about social media campaigns, and usually for one of two reasons. The reach of social media campaigns can be huge due to the sheer volumes of people on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Additionally, the engagement level is higher than with standard push marketing. For this reason, social media is a great tool for spreading your message about your products and services. The other reason is usually that the client believes that social media is “inexpensive” due to the fact that you can use Facebook and Twitter without charges. You can set up a company profile and use that profile as a line of communication to your potential customers. In this regard, it is inexpensive.

The main problem with social media is that you can set up a profile, and talk on it all day long without anyone hearing you. You need to build a follower list through “likes” or follows, and you need to do it on any platform you target. If you want to use Facebook, you are going to need to get people to like your page, and hopefully after they do that they will find your messages interesting enough to share them with their friends. The same goes for Twitter, where you are going to need to get people to follow you, then hope they are so taken by your words that they “retweet” your message. Those people who find your page are only finding it through those two methods, and you are going to need to invest a significant amount of money getting to the point where the messages are spread virally, and for free. You are going to need to build that list, and it is going to cost you money to do it.

There are only two ways for businesses to build effective, large followings on social media platforms. They are going to need to sponsor events or contests or giveaways that are so engaging that people are willing to share them with their friends. These types of promotions are not free, as it has become very difficult for businesses to get people to share information about their products. The contest is going to have to be well structured, witty, funny or unique enough to get people so interested that they want to share it. In a culture where people get inundated every day with these kinds of things, the campaign better be good or it will go un-noticed. Additionally, you are going to need to create a way that people find the message if they are not connected to those who already follow you, and that leads to PPC every time. Typical PPC rates are extremely high of Facebook, and the amount of likes you get from the amount of clicks that happen will be small. A client recently structured a campaign that gave away a full week of service at their location for a week, and supplemented it with daily chatter and sharing on the profile and across multiple other profiles. That client also spent over 800 dollars in two weeks seeding the profile through PPC on Facebook. That campaign brought in a total of 350 “likes” in two weeks, which is actually a lot for an online campaign of this nature. The only way it could have been more effective would be for it to have gone more viral, and people to have been sharing the info across their own profiles to their friends in greater numbers. A free week of service was just not a good enough offer to cause this to happen, and as a result PPC remains the main source of new views to the page.

As you can see, the cost associated with social media campaigns can be high, even if you are attempting to do the messaging on the profile yourself. It is not as simple as “create a profile and they will like it” or “talk about your business and people will share it.” You are going to need to advertise the fact that you exist in the first place, and then you are going to need to use the medium to communicate in a way that will turn people into customers. Social media can be very effective, but to assume it is without cost is foolish.

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