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The world of search engine optimization gave way to “content creation” on or about June 16, 2011 when Google rolled out the Panda update. Panda was a change to Google that devalued websites that were not considered content authorities on a subject, thus increasing the value of websites that create and distribute unique ideas. Without going into the specifics of how Panda works, let’s just say that it increased the necessity of top seo companies to be content producers instead of relying on tricks and fake links to build rankings. Content production takes a variety of different shapes, and the distribution of that content takes a variety of paths. Once something has been produced that Google would consider quality, it must be pro-actively spread to as many places as possible, which brings social media marketing in to play now more than ever.

There are only a few ways to effectively share content, through press releases, blog posts and links, involvement in forums with links, and through standard sharing on social media websites. Facebook has become the central hub for communication in the modern age, and between Facebook and Twitter we see overwhelming numbers of people being more in touch with “news” that they find important. The reason that social media has become such a hub for information is that the preferences and friends that a person chooses allows for information distribution that is personal, and that will engage the viewer. For example, a person who has no interest in politics can strip political news completely from his viewership and receive nothing but news and opinions from sources that he finds interesting, or useful. If politics are at the center of what the person cares about, then that person will surround themselves with political sources via their preferences, friend’s lists and profiles that they like, creating a hub of information that is important to them personally. By not allowing the stream of information to be clouded, the person creates the most valid source of information on all subjects that is available, and as a result the engagement level on social media websites becomes intense. People begin to rely on it as the source of all information.

Producing content professionally as a social media company is a tricky task, due to the fact that you must create the hubs that people gravitate to, while populating that feed with useful information on a subject. While celebrities get to post information about nearly anything they care about, brands do not share the same privilege, and must remain on topic in order to stay relevant to their audience. If the only focus on the social media profile is information regarding specials or coupons, you can expect a low level of engagement on the parts of the viewers, if any at all. Creating engagement is a difficult tasks, but good social media companies understand how to use personality to keep the conversations flowing. Sharing of interesting content is at the cornerstone of engagement, and if the content is created by you and housed on a space that you are desiring people be driven to in order to receive your brand message, then you will have greater success in people knowing who you are when the time to but is presented. Social media companies understand that this is a process; it must be built and maintained over time with constant work producing new things and creating new relationships with strangers who have never heard of you. The information that you share can stop with them, but if you can get it to be re-shared through their own profiles, then your brand reaches all of their friends too. This is the essence of viral marketing, creating awareness of the brand through use of streams that you do not control. The best social media companies understand this, and the best brands embrace it.

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