Social Media Is Not A Marketing Strategy

My SEO company is approached constantly by businesses who want to use social media as their advertising.  Social media campaigns (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace) all all the rage in the marketing world, and are a large component of any integrated marketing strategy for businesses that desire success on the internet.  This does not mean, however, that the social media strategy should be the single component that your marketing relies upon.  I recently read a list of ten things that social media cannot accomplish on its own.  Here are the highlights:

Social Media Cannot:

1. Substitute for marketing strategy.
2. Succeed without top management buy-in.
3. Be viewed as a short-term project.
4. Produce meaningful, measurable results quickly.
5. Be done in-house by the vast majority of companies.
6. Provide a quick fix to the bottom line or a tarnished reputation.
7. Be done without a realistic budget.
8. Guarantee sales or influence.
9. Be done by “kids” who “understand social innately”
10. Replace PR.

Smart companies will utilize social media within their integrated marketing campaigns.  Smart companies will understand it’s pros and cons before charging headlong into a campaign that has unrealistic expectations or goals. Smart companies will understand that just because another company is using social media does not mean they are using it correctly, or are showing any level of success through it’s use.

I will take the next ten parts of this series explaining each part of the list individually, and hopefully provide a little knowledge on how it can be used appropriately and how it is used inappropriately.

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