The specifics of ranking for “Las Vegas SEO”

Most potential clients who are researching the hiring of an SEO firm use a similar method of deciding which companies are good at their jobs and which are not. If the goal is to hire the best seo company from a local area, then the thought process is generally to Google the term “SEO” combined with the city where the business is located. In our case, potential customers that are geographically located in the Las Vegas area would Google “Las Vegas SEO” or “Las Vegas SEO company” and then call the companies that are listed on Google’s first page. By this thought process, the determination of which SEO company is the best is made by proving that you can do the process for your own company. However there are several pitfalls to this process of elimination that must be addressed, and which are probably not being taken into consideration by the company who is simply looking at the results that are currently being presented.

When you Google “Las Vegas SEO” you will find our website listed in somewhere around the 10th position. While this is not necessarily a bad ranking, it is not in the top three positions which would give a potential customer pause, assuming that we are not as effective at the process as other companies which are also located in our geographic area. What the potential customer is not seeing is that we do not spend much time targeting the term “Las Vegas SEO” due to the fact that it does not convert to customers as well as a term like “Las Vegas SEO company,” which we generally will fall in the top three positions for. Our company targets the terms that include the words “company,” “firm,” “agency” and others due to the fact that we provide a different service than a single freelance SEO would. Our services are more geared towards businesses who are expecting long-term development strategies in the field of search engine optimization, and not necessarily the types of services that a freelance SEO person would provide in a single project. For this reason, we put more effort into the targeting of terms that include “company.”

A person doing research may ask “aren’t those two terms essentially the same thing?” The answer is no, Google views them as comparable, but not exactly the same. In the SEO world, this is important due to the fact that in hyper-competitive spaces like this one, you cannot rank for everything and must craft a strategy that produces rankings for the things that make the most sense for your business. SEO in itself is the process of micro-targeting the terms that produce the best results, and if you need to narrow the list by not focusing on something that makes less sense than something else, then that is the concession that must be made in order for the project to be more successful. Although the ther “Las Vegas SEO” would produce leads and generate interest, it is not as good of a term as “Las Vegas SEO company” at producing leads that are looking for the services that we provide.

Another thing that is probably not being considered by making a judgement based on the rankings that you see in front of you is how the rankings were achieved, and how long they have lasted. SEO has always been the process of crafting a strategy that produces rankings, but the production of rankings that last over time and the production of rankings that last only until Google removes them are two very different things. Short term rankings are produced by focusing on something specific that Google uses as a ranking factor, an example being keyword-rich inbound links. Because Google uses this information to put your website into a position, then exploiting that aspect of the algorithm will produce short term rankings. You can purchase a large quantity of inbound links to your site (which violates Google’s terms of service) and outrank your competitors until the time when Google realizes what has been done and removes your website from the position. This effect makes it very difficult to ever get ranked in a good position again, and as a result an SEO company employing this strategy will generally look really good for a short period, then lose everything and destroy the client’s ability to function in the future. These types of SEO companies generally expect these types of scenarios, and do not employ a strategy that will keep rankings high over long periods, in addition they do not expect to keep customers around after the rankings fail. When they employ this type of strategy for themselves, they expect that Google will catch them one day, and plan on simply creating a completely different URL and website once it happens. This is why looking at what you see at any one point in time may actually be showing short term rankings successes from companies who will not be achieving these results in a few weeks or months. While they have a strategy to move to a new URL and website when it happens, your business would probably have to take far greater steps, redoing marketing collateral, television commercials and branding efforts that may have been built for years. While the strategy produces effects that appear impressive at any one point in time, hiring an SEO company that is illustrating it’s use of a strategy that may ultimately harm your business is a grave mistake. For this reason, we suggest looking at sustained rankings for the SEO company itself or for it’s clients. This is going to take some detective work on your part, and due diligence in order to make a good choice.

In the Las Vegas area, our website has continually ranked for the terms we target for the past seven years. We do so by being a source of information about the aspects of “Las Vegas SEO” that matter to our potential customers. While many people who are simply attempting to find information about the SEO process can utilize our extensive library of articles on the subject in order to gather knowledge, we understand that these people are not our customers and therefor we do not try and sell to them. Our customers are businesses who are not trying to do SEO themselves, and instead want to hire a professional SEO company to do it for them, one that is located in the Las Vegas area.

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