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The Best Las Vegas SEO Companies For 2018

Las Vegas businesses need SEO services if they are going to compete on Google for top placements. Many business owners are frustrated with search engine optimization because it has not provided results that they were expecting, however you must consider that SEO itself is a process and an art form, and there is always the possibility that the reason that your SEO program did not produce adequate results was because your SEO company was not using a strategy that worked. It is also possible that their SEO strategy works fine, but your budget did not allow them to do enough work to outrank the competitors within your space. Google is a machine, and there is nothing random about the way they decide which website ranks at number one, number two etc. They are looking for very specific things, and the websites that deliver those specific things are the ones that rank higher than the ones that do not. The algorithm that decides the position you fall into for a search is working in a way that is unique for that particular search term, taking thousands of factors into consideration and comparing your website to others in order to decide where each one falls. If there is nobody else competing for that same phrase, then you will easily rank in the number one position. If there are other websites that are providing information on that subject, then you will fall into a position above or below them based upon the ranking factors that are being considered. The job of your SEO company is to understand as much as possible about the factors that Google is using for ranking, and then to do as much as possible to exploit those factors for you. If another company understands the factors better at the current time, their clients will probably outrank you. If you have not provided them with enough work hours to do more than the competing businesses are doing, then they will probably outrank you. If you are still in the “growth phase” of rankings (about 6-12 months from the launch of an SEO program) then you are probably going to be outranked but should be seeing gradual upward movement each month. SEO is a process of convincing Google over time that you are the authority on a subject, and the competition is between you and all the other businesses who do that same thing to prove you are better. There is no such thing as a position that is fixed forever, as you may have achieved a top position for a while and then you get knocked off if someone does something better than you. SEO is a constant race to be in the best position possible, and there are many, many different methods of getting there. Because there are so many different factors in play, you will probably not be able to say exactly why one website ranks higher than another, instead you can only make assumptions. One website might have less inbound links and yet rank higher than yours because their onsite content is more accurate. Another website might have better inbound links from more appropriate websites (on topic) but less of them, and still outrank you. Another website might have absolutely no inbound links but has better titles and descriptions for a specific “long-tail” search term, and they may outrank you based only on this. The job of your SEO company is to do as much as possible for you to exploit as many factors in your favor as possible. Hiring a really great batter for a team does not guarantee home runs, it just makes them more possible.

In Las Vegas, there are many businesses competing with yours. Because we are a large city that also has a large tourist population, there are many different businesses competing in the local environment for the customers, because there are a lot of them. This means that you need a better website than them, and a better SEO program. Just because they are bigger than you or have more locations does not mean that they will always outrank you, because Google is only considering internet-based factors for rankings. This means that you absolutely can outrank the bigger guys for specific search terms and gain the business of the customers who find you on Google. You just need to hire the best SEO company in Las Vegas, and the best web design company in Las Vegas to help you get there. Las Vegas is one of the most competitive SEO markets in the country, because the casinos and gambling industry are very competitive. There are big clients to be had here, and as a result there are a lot of companies competing within the SEO space for that business. What you have to understand is that just because an SEO company is using a certain tactic to get themselves to rank high for searches like “Las Vegas SEO company” does not mean they will be using that same tactic for your business. There are some tactics that can result in high rankings very quickly but will result in the website getting penalized when Google figures out that it is against their terms of service. An SEO company has the ability to easily change it’s url and repeat the process with a new website if they get caught, which is something that your business probably cannot do very easily. This is very common in Las Vegas, and as a result you will see many SEO companies changing their company names and urls every few months to every few years. This is generally because Google has pushed their rankings down for bad practices.

The best SEO companies in Las Vegas in 2018 are the ones that will provide continual, proven growth for their customers. They are not necessarily the ones who rank at number one for a specific search like “best Las Vegas SEO” or some other variation. Interview several companies that are physically located in Las Vegas. Meet with them in person and ask to see some of the results they have provided for customers. When you look at those results, take the time to then go to Google yourself and verify that the business they are showing you is still ranking high. Just because they got them to a good position for a short time does not mean the website stayed ranking high, so consider the long term goals of a business when you look at the “successes” they show you. Do they have a lot of customers who only stayed with them for a few months? That is probably because many businesses did not see results and cancelled, just because they have a huge portfolio does not mean they have happy customers. Most of all, trust your gut and judge the SEO company for how knowledgeable they are and how attentive they are to you as a business. If you seem like you are just another number for their salesman, find a different company.

We have been providing consistent high rankings for our customers for more than ten years in Las Vegas, and the majority of our business comes from referrals from existing clients. We are a small business, and will generally have only a handful of clients at one time. For this reason, you will be meeting with and discussing your program with the same people who are executing the work, not some admin who was hired to just answer your calls and pass the information off to the work team. We are the best SEO company in Las Vegas in 2018 because we have more experience than everyone else, and we can prove that our clients grow their rankings over time. When you are ready to take SEO seriously call us, because we sure take it seriously.

-Raymond Santopietro

President and Lead Strategist

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