The Google My Business Advantage For SEO

Google My Business is the latest name for a suite of products and services that are available free of charge to from Google. In the past this platform was known as Google+ and Google Places, and before that but it was simply the maps section. Within this area, local businesses can list themselves to be found by people who were searching for them, even if they did not have a website. You would be able to list specifics about your business including a description and business hours as well as several other aspects that would be able to identify your location to specific customers. The benefits of this section are that people can receive fast information about your business simply by searching for the name, as well as viewing pictures and seeing reviews. There are other aspects which are being worked into the platform as it expands, like the ability to create posts and offers to communicate directly with customers through the Google my Business listing. With regards to generating new business through attracting new customers, this platform is powerful for a few select businesses which are positioned correctly. As is because there are two ways that your Google My Business listing will show. The first way is if someone searches for the name of your business specifically, at which point it would be displayed providing them with quick contact information as well as other basic things. This would only be shown that some to searching for you specifically, which will have some impact on gaining new customers but ultimately acts as a convenience aspect for those who already know who you are. The more important way that Google My Business can gain you new customers is through the search engine optimization aspect. This platform drives the maps section, which will provide a list of businesses that fit a certain type within your local region if you search for something and then navigate to the maps section. Google has also chosen to place three of the top businesses from the mast section at the top of their organic results for many searches, known as ‘the three pack.” Least three top positions of local businesses will get a tremendous number of clicks through traffic because they are viewed as being the best of the industry by many people who see the display. Google My Business listings are not necessarily vetted by Google as being the best, but instead utilize aspects of the attached website (if there is one,) proximity to the person who is searching as well as reviews in order to gain this high position. This means that even a business that is not as established as the competitors can potentially gain a number one ranking position for their name search phrase and gain in traffic as a result. The search engine optimization specifics for Google My Business involve utilizing as many of the aspects of the platform as possible as well as the main public communication through reviews and responses. Google is encouraging business owners to use this portable as a communication tool for the public, and as a result gives it a top priority in their search results. In competitive industries, the game of the top three position within the organic results may be quite difficult, and can potentially have the process move much faster if the position can be gained within Google My Business for these generic terms to describe your business or what you sell. The first step is to claim your Google My Business listing, and the second is to use it as much as possible. Encourage your customers to review your business and use this portal for communication and connect as much information your website as possible. The advantages of using Google My Business are huge, and there are nearly no drawbacks because there is no cost.

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