The Keyword Tags For SEO

One of the sure ways that you can identify the search engine optimization company that does not know what they’re doing is to look in the code to see if they have filled in the “keywords” tag.  A lot of older search engine optimization programs and plugins will provide you with the ability to change your titles and descriptions as well as filling in the keywords tag.  What this does is to place text into a certain tag in your code that will be displayed for search engines to read.  In the past, filling in the keywords that you are trying to rank higher for into this tag gave you a bit of a boost.  Google worked in a way where it would identify as many usages of a specific phrase as possible to determine what that piece of content was about.  Because anyone could fill in these keywords so easily, it became abused by search engine optimization companies.  After a while, Google made a determination that the keywords tag had almost no bearing on the quality of the content, and therefore should not be used as a way to identify where this piece of content should rank when compared to others.  Over time, search engines completely abandoned the key word tag as any kind of ranking factor, making it so that the only people who would bother using it were those who did not understand what the search engines were looking for.  As a matter of fact, it is a running joke among SEO companies that if you identify a website it is still using the keywords tag, the person doing their search engine optimization does not understand how rankings work.

It is a far better use of your time to concentrate as much on the creation of better content as you can attempt to answer questions that potential customers would have regarding your products or services.  Discuss the specifics of a topic and interlink your content to reflect different topics on the same subject.  While you should still use the title and description tags, Google has begun than to place even less weight on these as well because they have so little to do with the quality of the content being presented.  As a matter of fact, Google will many times replace the description that you have provided with something else from your text because it feels that this would be more appropriate with regards to ranking for a specific phrase.  The lesson to be learned is that the priority should be placed on creating highest quality answers to people’s questions you can create.  Concentrating on the small tricks it used to provide higher rankings is a waste of time and will generally not provide you a whole lot of benefit.  The only one thing that the keywords tag is presenting at this point is giving your competition the ability to know exactly what keywords you are trying to rank for to reverse engineer your strategy.

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