TikTok Advertising Strategies

TikTok is now one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, and only recently are many Brands understanding there is a shift away from more established social media platforms like Facebook happening lately.  Major advertisers are beginning to pull budgets away from Facebook advertising for a variety of reasons including this agreement with the company on a variety of social issues.  One of the main reasons that many marketers are beginning to explore other social media platforms is the fact that Facebook’s audience is beginning does you in a way that is not beneficial with regards to marketing budgets.  Facebook’s is now attracting for older audience than other platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and now TikTok.  Now with 800,000,000 active users worldwide, TikTok is coming for your audience, and you better hurry up and understand what that audience is looking for.  The average age of a TikTok user is between 16 and 24, and they are incredibly tech savvy.  You’re not alone be able to run commercials or static ads like you’re used to on other platforms, and if you try you will be rejected quite quickly.  You have to know how to speak to the audience in the format that they are asking you to speak to them, and you are going to get a hostile reaction if you try to force old school methods into a new type of platform.

Does your business have a TikTok strategy for marketing in 2020?  If you don’t, or it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with what it is and how you can benefit from it for your brand.  Within the last few days, TikTok has begun the process of monetizing their platform with the launch of “TikTok For Business.” This marketing platform gives brands the ability to create branded content for presentation on TikTok.  This does not mean that you will be creating static advertising, but instead you are encouraged to create “TikToks,” which are ultimately the same sort of presentation that creators on the platform are presented. TikTok uses short form videos that are created by individuals in order to provide both entertainment and education for their users.  The typical TikTok video is 15 to 30 seconds long, and will feature sample music and speech that is recognizable, lip synching and dancing, special effects that are available to the users as well as wide variety of other methods of creating almost instant engagement.  Savvy TikTok creators will discuss that you must provide a hook within 2 seconds in your video, or a majority of users will simply scroll past it.  The ultimate goal is to be presented in the “for your page” section, which is an algorithmic listing of videos that match the users preferences. TikTok is still experimenting with how advertising presentations will be integrated into their content, so we can expect changes to happen as the platform evolves.  We can also expect demographic shifts to happen as it becomes more popular, and as trends come and go.  Trend in topics are incredibly important on the platform, and are presented in the forms of challenges that are put forth by users as well as trending sounds which are utilized by users in large numbers in order to make their own variation of the same type of video presentation.  Brands have begun to penetrate these aspects of the platform through the creation of challenges and branded content that is shared from one user to another, however these forms of marketing within this platform are attempting to get more of a viral spread than the traditional marketing that is presented as ads.  What you must remember is that attempting to create standardized advertising forms within this new medium will either be a waste of money that gets no real engagement, or will be met with adverse reactions.  The new business platform allows for you to create unique content and then present a click through link to outside websites or stores.  Aside from that link and the ability to push users to additional aspects of your brand, advertises must be careful to stay within the format.  Attempting to stand there and present a 15 second ad for your insurance business that has no engaging content for users will fail quickly.

As this new medium evolves, advertisers are learning how to exploit the tremendous user base for sales.  Creativity is key, and an understanding of how the medium works as well as what is expected by the audience our the recipes for successful TikTok campaigns.  For more information on TikTok advertising, contact Big Bulldog SEO today at 702-767-4637.

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