Titles And Descriptions For SEO

Titles and descriptions used to be one of the most important aspects of SEO and could easily be the difference between ranking high and not ranking at all.  As with all things, once it was established that the title tags and descriptions needed to use the keywords you were trying to rank for, this practice was completely abused by search engine optimization companies.  As a result, Google change the algorithm to place less weight on the title tag and description tag with regards to the ranking position it is given.  This does not mean that the title and description are not important, and it should be part of your routine to make sure that the title reflects exactly what the article is about, and the description provides an accurate assessment of the content.  What we are saying is that the use of a specific keyword and that title or description do not have the same amount of benefit for ranking for that term as they used to.  The content that you have created is understood by Google, and even if you were not to include the key word that you are targeting at all, there is a good chance that Google would still find a snippet from your article that would be used instead of the description that you have used in order to position you within the rankings for that phrase.  With regards to search engine optimization, we are continually trying to come up with the strategic aspects that provide the most benefit to concentrate on them the most.  This means that if we understand that a specific element is not as beneficial towards moving rankings up, but does still provide a small amount of benefit, we will put some effort into developing that aspect but not a significant amount.  With respect to title tags and descriptions, we realize that the development of quality content on a topic is far more important at this point and spending significant amounts of time tweaking the title tags and descriptions will generally not provide much benefit.  The rankings are being determined by the content and the applicability wards a specific phrase.  If the title tag and description does use this phrase, it is beneficial to a small degree.  This means that spending time every week reassessing the title tags and descriptions to make them more perfect is ultimately not providing a significant amount of rankings post.  He would be a better use of your time to create more content on that topic.  As a matter of fact, if Google cannot find a description on your page, it will create one for you using the text that you have provided.  This is not the same for the title tag, which does need to be filled in as accurately as possible and potentially using the targeted phrase.  For this reason, we write titles and descriptions at the time of creating the article, and rarely revisit them except possibly to do a single revision later. Las Vegas SEO

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