The value of Google placement.

The top results on Google get the most clicks.

by Raymond Santopietro

By this point, pretty much everyone understands that the goals of search engine optimization programs engineered by top seo companies is to create rankings that are as close to the number one result on Google as possible for the searches describing the business or products that a client sells. We all understand that the closer you are to the number one position, the more people will click on your listing and go to your website. It is simple common sense that the more people who get to your website searching for something that you sell, the more money you are going to make by selling things to them. One of the more complicated metrics to try and measure is the actual values of a position.

Studies by some of the top seo companies in the world show that the number one position on Google for nearly any keyword or phrase gets an average of 36.4% of the clickthroughs. This means that if your website is listed in the top position for the term “seo company” you can expect 36 out of every 100 people who search for the term to click through to your website. The number two position generally gets 12.5% of the clickthroughs and the number three position gets 9.5% of the clickthroughs. The numbers go down from there, dropping to less than 2% on the second page, and being statistically non-existent by the time you reach the third page. What this means is that if you are in position number twenty-one or greater, there is no difference if you are there or if you are not even indexed at all. You are getting absolutely no benefit from any position past number twenty.

The goal of seo companies is to utilize strategic development to move the listings into the highest position possible. As the listing gets closer to number one, the amount of traffic that will be generated for the website will increase. For example, if we were trying to build traffic to our own website, we would target the term “seo company” and “seo companies” due to the fact that they have 550,000 and 368,000 monthly searches on Google alone. If we can get into the top twenty results for these searches, then we will begin to receive clickthroughs to our website from the positions. Currently, we are in the number 16 position globally for the term “seo companies” and as a result we receive an average of 1.2% of the monthly traffic on Google for searches for the term. This results in 4,416 visits to the website every month by people who searched for that term and found our website on Google. If we can make it to the number three position, we can expect that number to grow to 34,960. The number two position should bring 45,000 monthly visitors and the number one position should bring an average of 131,040 visitors each month. You can see how dramatically the traffic numbers increase as you get closer to number one.

The goal of search engine optimization is to get you closer to number one for phrases that have high traffic numbers that are applicable to your business, and could result in people buying things from you. If your website can convert one customer for every one-hundred visitors, then you can see that you will make more sales by having more people come to the site. If each sale averages $20, you can simply do the math to find the value of your position. In our case, if we converted one out of every one-hundred customers, and the value of each sale was $20, a number one position for “seo companies” would be worth $26,208 per month. If the average sale brought in $100, then the monthly value would be $113,040. You can apply this formula to all of the words that make sense for your product line.

As your seo company pushes you closer to the number one position for the targeted words, you should make more money as a result. For example, a client that we used to work with sold costumes and was targeting rankings for the word “costumes.” At the highest point, we had pushed their rankings to the number four position for that term, which averages 30,400,000 monthly searches on Google. The average sale was $24 and the conversion rate on the website was about 1%. This means that the number four position (which averages 7.9% of the clickthroughs) is worth 2,401,600 monthly visits and $576,384 in monthly revenue. After the client decided to no longer apply any seo to the website, they dropped to a number twenty-three position, which will get them statistically 0% of traffic and no sales. This is the value of search engine optimization for that particular term to that particular client.

This is the value of positions on search engines. The amount of funding you put towards search engine optimization should reflect this. The more searches there are for a term, the more difficult it is going to be for your seo company to get you into that top position. If you take it seriously, it can pay off tremendously. If you do not put the effort in, you cannot expect there to be any results delivered.

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