Video Production Services For SEO

Video production services are now one of the more crucial elements of SEO, as Google has moved more toward the complete integration of video into it’s organic results than ever before. At this stage, a general search for many phrases will bring up a YouTube video in the first position on the organic listings, over all other types of listings. This is because Google has predicted the future of internet search and information gathering and named it as “video.” When Google purchased YouTube, it was due to the understanding that people like to watch videos more than to read text, and with enough push towards video being used as a means of information transfer instead of simple entertainment would allow for a complete integration into the results that Google displays. The entire philosophy of Google is to provide the best information possible for a searcher so as to answer their questions, and if video is a preferred method of accomplishing this goal then Google embraces it fully.

SEO used to stand alone as a strategy that involved a website and some ancillary offsite properties like blogs and other sites that link back. As the internet evolved into a method of communication from person to person, the integration of opinions and information relevance became more necessary to integrate. Social media and testimonial websites became important to rankings, and the next logical evolution was to move to video. Google began to give special preferences to YouTube videos that helped people answer questions, so naturally the integration into a website of these preferred methods makes sense for SEO. Essentially, websites linked to popular YouTube channels and videos will be given a rankings boost, if the strategy is executed properly. This video integration allows websites to expand their information transfer beyond their own borders, and into new platforms that people prefer.

Big Bulldog SEO does Las Vega video production as part of our seo programs. The reason we limit this aspect of the strategy to the local Las Vegas area is the simple, physical limitations of us traveling to other areas to film video. The basis behind the video production strategy is simple, utilize the YouTube platform to provide information to viewers about products and services offered, and do it in an interesting way. This will build the viewership of the YouTube channel, and expose the brand to a larger audience. Integration of the videos will also assist in rankings for the websites themselves, if the videos are used to transfer relevant information.

The production of videos for the purpose of SEO should be good quality, but it is not necessary to overkill. A good quality video can be produced with a camera-phone or a quality DSLR, there is no need for expensive equipment. If time is taken to pay attention to the lighting, sound and staging of the video, then even cheap equipment can capture video for the purposes of SEO. The production of video today for use as part of SEO programs is more about the information in the video itself, and the relevance of that information to the person landing on the website where the video is embedded. Entertaining videos can become large-scale viral hits and get millions of views as long as there is creativity in the production itself. These extremely popular videos can do wonders for the rankings of websites.

Examples of our Las Vegas video production services can be seen below. All videos were produced in less than six hours of filming and six hours of editing, and all were produced on DSLR equipment. Although different videos serve different purposes, large scale viewership is one of the goals of each video. The videos produced for our client Wax Hair Removal Bar Las Vegas have received almost 2 million views, and are the top ranking waxing videos on YouTube.



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