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A Las Vegas video production company you can count on.

Focus Internet Services is more than just any advertising agency, and offers far more than the usual services of other Las Vegas based firms. We are a full service Internet marketing company that will assist and lead the process in the production of material for use on the internet as well as in traditional placements. We offer full leadership in the production of your next video content, and can handle your job from conception to placement. Video production must be done with the specific uses in mind, as video produced for use on television and in commercials is quite different than video produced for use on YouTube and on social media websites. As a leader in content creation, we find that the single instance of a necessity of physical presence in the facility where the content is being produced is video, as the video shoots themselves must be controlled in order to achieve the desired effect. If you are a Las Vegas company, or a company in need of the production of cost-effective content within the boundaries of Las Vegas, then we are the company of choice.

It is important that the production company understands video optimization if the video is going to be utilized in an online format. We are specialized in video optimization.


We proudly offer the following services.

Commercial Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Training & Support Video Production

Sales & Marketing Video Production


Mobile Production

Film Production

Video Editing



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