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Web Design For Las Vegas Dentists

Web design for dentists in Las Vegas is critical to stand out from the crowd, but also plays a role in the rankings you see on search engines. This is not just in relation to Las Vegas dentists, but dental offices in any city or state.  Your website is a representation of your practice, and many times is the first and only impression you are going to be able to give a potential patient. People have a lot of choices, and if your website does not impress them right away, they can easily click to the next. To understand this fully, you must realize that times have changed as far as the ways people choose a dentist. In the past, you asked your friends or family who the best dentist around was, and who they used. People do not interact in this way as much any more, and today 75% of decisions that are made as far as services are started on the internet and Google specifically. This means that people are trusting Google the way they used to trust their friends, and when they need a new dentist they search “dentist near me” or “dentist in Las Vegas” on their phone or computer. The results that are returned are going to make the decision if they call you or now, as 50% of people will only click on the first site listed, 25% will click on the second, 12% will click on the third and down from there. If you are below the sixth result, you are probably getting less than 1% of the search traffic that is looking for a dentist every month. If the website that you had built for your practice is not ranking on the first page, it is basically doing you no good at getting potential new patients.

The design of a website plays a critical role in the rankings you will get, along with SEO techniques. Many web design companies that specialize in dental office websites will use standard content to populate pages of the site, which ultimately is bad for rankings. Only companies that understand the way SEO works can design a website that will not only look great and impress patients, but also have the ability to rank on Google. If the web design company uses techniques of design that slow the load time of the site down, or include wasted information then the rankings will suffer. If your website does not display appropriately on mobile devices, your rankings will suffer. All of these things must be done appropriately within the coding of the web site, in addition to making the site look impressive and great. In a nutshell, if a website looks great but nobody can find it, then it is basically worthless to your dental practice.

Big Bulldog SEO does web design for dentists and dental practices. We have more than a decade of experience building web sites that not only look clean and impressive, but also are designed to rank high on Google when combined with SEO. If you need web design for dentists, or you are a dental practice in Las Vegas or any other city looking for web design that will help you get new patients, then call us at 702-767-5637.


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