Web Design For Law Firms

Web Design For Law Firms In Las Vegas

One of the biggest misconceptions that is sold to businesses that do not fully understand how search engines work is to tell them “if you get a good website, your phone will ring.” While this is not completely untrue and you do need a website as part of the process, simply having a website is not going to get you new clients. In order to actually use the internet and search engines effectively to get new leads, you are going to also have to do effective SEO (search engine optimization.) SEO is the process of manipulating the code of a website and the content on a website in order to have it be recognized by search engines as the best source of information on a topic. The topic that you want to be recognized for is the topic that you want to rank for, so essentially if you want to rank for the phrase “Las Vegas personal injury attorney,” you are going to need to provide the best information on the topic of “personal injury attorney in Las Vegas.” You are going to need to create unique content on that subject (copying other website content does not help you) and you are going to need to create additional unique content that links back to the pages you want to rank from your site. This process will need to be done over and over until enough recognition from the search engines has built up that you are the authority in your local area, and every other law firm website is not the authority. Search engines rank websites based on this type of thought process, so if you are not doing better work than another website in your area, you will not outrank them. While the SEO process itself involves creation and distribution of content, the website that it is positioned on also must be of a higher caliber than the competition. The code must be streamlined and light, and the site must load fast and display appropriately on both desktops and phones. The entire process of SEO must start with a website that is designed to be what Google is looking for. If your site is of lesser caliber than your competition’s there is still a chance that you can do enough content work to outrank them, but the process will be harder to accomplish. Think of it like the race car driver is also building the car they will drive in the race. Naturally, they are going to want the fastest and best performing car available, because it will allow their driving skills to have better results.

We design for law firms is typically a bigger project than other types of businesses. This is because lawyers typically want to rank high for many different variations of their primary business. A personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas is going to want to rank for “Las Vegas car accident lawyer,” “Las Vegas personal injury lawyer,” “Las Vegas slip and fall lawyer” and a significant amount of other variations of the personal injury profession. In order to make this happen, the website is going to have to have unique pages for each of these variations, with images and content specifically for each of them. Designing websites for law firms isn’t more difficult because there is anything extra-special about a lawyer’s website, it is because there are so many pages necessary to accomplish the SEO goals.

Big Bulldog SEO is specialized in web design for SEO purposes, and as a result we are specialized in projects like your law firm website. We can create a clean and attractive lawyer website that impresses potential clients when they see it, but also displays the content of the site in a manner that Google approves of. This will make the goal of rankings development easier, and will ultimately attract more customers to your law practice through the internet. These are better customers than any billboard can provide, because they are specifically looking for you right now.

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