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Web Design For Las Vegas Restaurants

Web design for restaurants: Having a website is critical to success in business today, and statistics show that roughly 75% of all decisions that are made start with a Google search. That amazing number simply illustrates how culture has changed, and how business must change with it in order to succeed. In the past, people chose to visit restaurants because their friends or family told them it was a good place, but unfortunately today there is very little interaction of this kind between people. Today, people rely upon search engines and social media to provide them with choices, and they make their decisions based on looking over websites and reading reviews online. There is no doubt that your restaurant is great, and it is probably the best in the area. The problem is that without a website nobody knows it is there unless they drive by it. People find restaurants by looking on their phone and searching for something like “seafood restaurants near me” or “Mexican restaurants in Las Vegas.” They look over the results that Google returns and they click on the first few results they see at the top, or the ones closest to them in the local section.Statistics show that 50% of people will only click the first result, 25% of people will click the second and 12% will click the third. By the time you are below the sixth result on the first page, you are getting less than 1% of the traffic for that restaurant search in your area. Simply put, your restaurant needs a website and needs it to be in the top three results for searches for restaurants that serve your kind of food.

Web design for restaurants in Las Vegas must take SEO into consideration if they are going to provide leads through the internet. If you feel that your restaurant only needs a website in order to show menus and photographs to people who already know who you are, then you will not need an SEO friendly website. If getting customers from the internet is even a small concern, then you need to choose your web design company carefully to make sure they are building you a website that is friendly for search engines.

Restaurant websites are going to have a few crucial elements like phone numbers and addresses, hours that you are open, menus and imagery of your physical space and your food. It is going to be important to capture the vibe of your business, to let people know what the tone of the restaurant is. All of these things are easily handled in the design, but the company who designs your restaurant website also has to take into consideration the way they present these things in order to help you rank higher on search engines. For example, a computer monitor will only show 72 DPI as far as images in most cases. You might want huge, high resolution images of your food to be on your website, but from the user standpoint it just slows down the load times for the site. People hate to wait and so does Google, who will push your site down for not being “mobile friendly.” Presenting the images as big as possible within the parameters that most people’s devices can display is the job of your web design company, and if they do not understand SEO they are probably not doing it.

We do web design for restaurants in Las Vegas. We can also design we bites for any restaurant anywhere in the country. Our designs are mobile friendly and will present your restaurant in the way you want it to. If you need web design, look over our portfolio for a few examples of the many websites we design every year. Contact us at 702-767-4637


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