Most business owners do not realize the necessity to have their website designed by a company that understands SEO, as the design and structure of the site itself plays a large role in the effectiveness of the rankings-development program. Websites that are built with structures that are not SEO friendly may very well need to be redesigned in order to get maximum effectiveness out of the SEO program that you have enlisted a company to perform. Although SEO itself has morphed over the years into a strategic and systematic release of content on the site itself and the associated and linked properties, the way that Google crawls through the site, along with the way that the pages themselves are linked together through keyword-associated urls, will help determine how well Google can understand the site, and the information that is presented.

When we are enlisted to do SEO for a company, we analyze the website itself first and foremost in order to get an understanding of what kind of structure we are dealing with. This will assist us in being able to accurately predict how much work will be necessary in order to achieve the desired goals of the client. For example, if we have two businesses in Las Vegas both catering to the local population and both having websites and Google+ accounts, we can look at the structure of the sites to see if one will have better successes with the same amount of content developed over time, than the other one. If one website is responsive and the other is not, then the responsive website will be better understood by the portions of the Google algorithm that are reading code specifically for mobile and tablet devices. If one website gives the ability to integrate localization information, maps, authorship, etc. then it will perform better over time, even if the same amounts of content are developed for each site. This is the nature of SEO, as in all search engine optimization is a competition between your website and another website in the same field. If Google sees the two of you as competitors, it must scan through every element it tracks in order to prioritize one over the other, and therefore rank one on top of the other. When you both have equal amounts of content and quality, website structure, design and flow must be considered. Google then decides which website is better for real customers, and gives it a better ranking.

Designing websites is part art and part strategy. If your website designer is not considering SEO and rankings as part of their design, then the SEO progress will probably be compromised as a result, and more work would need to be done in order to achieve the same results that would be achieved on a site that is designed with SEO in mind. Always consult with your chosen SEO company before redesigning your website.